WWMW: What Would Mayu Wear Week Day 5 – Zara

Today was the first time this week where I screamed “YASSS” while putting together an outfit. I rarely make it into Liverpool Zara because there is always a queue about 20 minutes long minimum for the dressing rooms and tills and I just don’t have the patience for all that. Nonetheless, I am incredibly interested in Zara. Did you know they can take an item down the fashion chain in two weeks? That’s two weeks from seeing it on a designer runway to being on the shop floor. It’s terrifying to be honest.

What would Nanjo wear?
I told you all I was feeling some Chloe vibes with Nanjo’s look, so today I just went full 70s brown fantasy. I actually adore this look; I’ve not yet had the chance to really play with pattern and colour quite like today and even though Zara let me down in the accessory department those amazing heels more than make up for it. Look at that fantastic block heel! I love it so much that I just ignored my “court stilettos for Nanjo” rule.
Would this outfit look good in real life? I’m not really sure. I tend to wear one pattern and keep the rest of my outfit plain, but to be honest I wish I wasn’t like that and I had mad pattern clashing skills. With this outfit, I have used the dark burgundy colour of the blouse and skirt to hopefully form some cohesion in the main silhouette, and chosen two patterns that have a similar colour palette. To keep the look visually interesting without being too noisy, I’ve tried to take colours from the floral skirt and distribute them through the outfit. As usual for Nanjo, this involves orange.
I wanted to do a belted look today, but sadly Zara only had 1 belt available online for their women’s selection. I also considered tights; but an article I read recently on women of status in New York eschewing tights made me reconsider. Apparently, women in New York don’t wear tights if they want to appear wealthy, because a wealthy woman never needs to be cold – she can just take a taxi wherever she needs to go or has a town car. Interesting.
What would Tokita wear? 
Were you also proud when a few episodes in Mayu swapped out her one tragically oversized suit for a really stylish business wear wardrobe? I was super proud, but also kind of sad because the premise in TV shows is often than women have to have a makeover in order to be successful. Either way, I was glad to see the back of that awful grey suit, so this final outfit is kind of a tribute and an evolution of it. It’s not exactly a grey suit, I’d call it more ecru in colour.
I’ve wanted to use polka dots for one of Tokita’s outfits all week, I think as a pattern they really embody her character. Polka dots are fun, youthful, a bit cheeky but then they’re also feminine and when done in a neutral colour scheme like this one they’re really work appropriate. Atelier follows the common Japanese narrative of “country bumpkin comes to Tokyo to make it big” so I could resist a bag that’s just called “City bag” for a little nod to the narrative; it was too fun. I was also a little bit naughty and bent some more rules today, allowing this long polka dot scarf for purely aesthetic value under the excuse “a scarf is technically useful, it keeps your neck warm.”
That’s it, Atelier week is over! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, please leave me a comment if you’re inspired to make your own outfits for any of the characters on Atelier! If you watch the series, let me know what you think too.

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