WWMW: What Would Mayu Wear Week Day 4 – River Island

Another day, another set of outfits. I’ve got back to daily wear for today’s theme. I was actually impressed with River Island’s selection of work wear and accessories because I was able to put together some outfits quite easily all from one shop. I like the consideration had clearly been taken by the designers to match accessories to match each other so that shoppers can easily create well put together outfits.

What would Nanjo wear?
I think I slightly threw the rule book out for this particular Nanjo outfit, the elements of Nanjo’s style are there but whether or not she would actually wear this is still up for debate. I like to choose slightly romantic items for Nanjo if I can, vintage styled things with a classic look, so I liked the idea of this slightly ruffled Victoriana blouse. She wore quite a few pairs of palazzo pants through the series, and I really liked the colour of these so I went for them. She is so tall and slim that a palazzo pant just accentuates her stature. When I think of Nanjo I naturally think of Prada and Chloe, because their designs are high end while still being playful. I could even see her wearing pieces from Miu Miu because they have a good 70s vibe which she also shares. Some might say the natural choice is Chanel, because her look is based on Anna Wintour, but I really can’t picture her in a classic Chanel skirt suit; maybe if it was a long trouser?
The shoes and bag were a risky choice, I felt. While I think Nanjo would go for the items themselves, I don’t know if she’d wear metallics in such a way. I chose Rose gold because I associate her with warm colours and I felt they would compliment her hair, but I think this is a little bit too modern for her to actually wear. Hence, I choose a loose trench coat and romantic, jewelled necklace to keep the look soft rather than being excessively trendy.
What would Tokita wear?
I really wanted to bring you some fun trousers for Mayu, dear reader, I really did, but instead you get a pretty standard outfit for her. It was quite easy to put together and something I could see them putting her in for the series. She actually wears a good few pairs of skinnies and strappy heels throughout the series, so I’ve been pretty conservative not using those items until today. Similarly, Mayu wears pussybow blouses like this quite a lot, so it was a pretty easy choice for her.
Again, no real accessorising because she’s not that kind of girl but apparently today is the kind of day where we match our shoes with our heels. I suppose, at the end of the day, this outfit isn’t that interesting. I actually think the best place to shop for Mayu would probably be Uniqlo; which is kind of a bad thing to say because it has the same kind of reputation in Japan that Primark has over here. Maybe she would shop at the Gap? Or is she better than the gap? In the series we know she shops at Carolina Herrera, but actually I think the Stella McCartney would be a great brand for Tokita to wear! McCartney uses a lot of technical fabrics which I think she would really appreciate, but still creates a fashion forward look. Being a fabric nerd, it seems right up her street.
What do you think, are my outfits too far out today or could you see the characters wearing them?

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