WWMW: What Would Mayu Wear Week Day 3 – Topshop

It’s actually really hard to buy an entire outfit from the same shop. It’s also definitely not something I’ve ever done myself. I’d rather get my shoes from somewhere that just does shoes and does them well, my clothes from somewhere that does clothes and does them well and my jewellery (which admittedly I don’t buy a lot of) from a very niche seller on etsy, ha!

However, I really had fun putting together the outfits for today’s Mayu dress up game. It was still challenging, but I was really looking forward to putting together some more high fashion outfits because I knew Topshop would have more eye-catching pieces. I’ve ended up making some occasion wear outfits for both characters today, not that Nanjo isn’t always dressed to the nines anyway.
What would Nanjo wear?
How exciting to have some items that I actually think Nanjo would wear, and on top of that some decent shoes. I have to praise Topshop on their shoe selection, they actually had some really good pairs.
When I’m thinking about dressing Nanjo my keywords are always texture, luxury, beauty and intimidation. Nanjo is naturally intimidating, so I don’t have to actually dress her deliberately scary, but seeing this caped blazer the phrase “pillar of beauty” came into my head and I had to run with it. I ended up thinking about her love of galleries; marble floors and portraits of famous aristocrats. I also finally got use a great neck piece!! I thought this one looked both brutal and luxurious, and would also cover up the little v of skin that the dress provides. I really like this dress, if it wasn’t so long I would definitely wear it myself because the contrast of textures is so great to look at and probably even better to touch.
I didn’t want to go too cold for the overall outfit so I added in some dark red, with a little bit of snakeskin. For Nanjo the focus is often texture, so I kept the cohesion in texture but also wanted to keep cohesion with colour; the light snakeskin panels in the shoe make it suitable for this dress where a red shoe might look a bit out of place. I didn’t bother with a bag for this one because I really didn’t feel any were suitable, so I just went for a watch to bring the red a bit more around the outfit and to remind anyone that sees Nanjo’s outfit that she has no time for their nonsense. I think the bee detail is especially beautiful.
What would Mayu wear?
Mayu only really “dresses up” once in the series and Yumi chooses a beautiful black gown with white bow detailing for her. When keywording for Mayu I chose youthful, clean, feminine and preppy to work to for this week. The dress I chose because it was a dress I could actually see her choosing for herself if she had to go out somewhere; it’s modest but well cut, clean and feminine. The light colour also keeps it youthful, which is surprisingly difficult to do at Topshop. A lot of the designs for dresses are very serious night out dresses with pulling in mind, I feel.
I allowed myself to pick a necklace for this one. Let’s just let me have this one please. She could totally plausibly pick a necklace to go with a “going out” outfit. I really wanted to choose a nice clutch, but again was let down in the clutch department. I chose a jacket instead because Mayu tends to tone down the femininity level of her outfits with preppy blazers which allow her to keep a clean silhouette, I think even on a night out she’d want to look the business.
Can we take a moment to talk about these shoes? They’re my favourite part of the outfit because the design is so vintage. I love the colour choices of cream/pink and tortoise shell for the heel. The large circular closure also keeps the design light hearted and stops it looking too modern. The heel itself is so nicely designed with a slightly wider base and good arch height. I’m just generally in love with this shoe.
That’s what the girls wore today, what do you think? Would they go for these outfits, or am I way out?

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