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I can honestly tell you dear reader that I’ve only ever bought two things from Oasis in my lifetime; a denim dress and a really 80s peplum skirt. I got really excited when they released a collaboration with the V&A but in the end I was really disappointed with the items themselves. I’ve always thought the target demographic was maybe someone more feminine than me, but I wear dresses about 80% of the time so I think we can surmise that they’re basically just not my style. However, I did spot a few pieces that I thought would be great for both Mayu and Nanjo and thankfully created vastly different outfits from the ones I chose yesterday.

What would Nanjo wear?


It’s a really interesting stylistic choice on the part of the costume department that both Nanjo and Mayu wear watches. I feel like older people like Nanjo (sorry Nanjo) still wear watches, but maybe someone younger like Mayu would just use her phone? I was really happy to be able to give Nanjo a necklace for this outfit, because she has some stunning chokers and neck pieces in the series. Obviously, this dainty necklace doesn’t quite match up to her intricate floral choker, but the sentiment of delicate beauty is still there.
Another shockingly bad selection of shoes, so I went for a plain court again. Mostly I was really happy to find some loose trousers that would fit her style. These ones still accentuate the waist and keep a womanly figure, but Nanjo doesn’t go for trendy skinny jeans. She wears some fantastic loose trousers in the series which only serve to make her look taller and even more intimidating. The red blouse also suits her style and skin tone, while remaining luxurious and subtle. Nanjo likes pieces with texture and intricate detail, but her style is quite understated and feminine – though you would definitely be drawn to her in any room.
For the bag, I thought it would be far too uncool for her to have a totally matching bag, so I chose a matching element in a complimentary bag. I think actually think Nanjo would wear this outfit, so I’m quite happy with this one!
What would Mayu wear?
Similarly, I feel like this is an outfit that Mayu would actually wear; where maybe I was grasping at straws a little bit yesterday. I am also a little bit proud that both outfits fit a loose nautical theme because it’s cute when best friends match clothes! Outfits for Mayu are actually a little bit harder to make interesting because she doesn’t really wear accessories. Yuri and Fumi go for silk scarves, earrings, bangles and other small details that really change the mood of their outfits. Mayu, however, doesn’t wear anything that isn’t useful and necessary, so she just goes for a watch.
I had fun choosing the bag for this outfit because I got to think a little bit more about what kind of bag Mayu might choose. In her capacity as PR girl and fabric buyer, she needs to attend a lot of business meetings, so this three compartment tote bag is a stylish and useful bag to keep all of her papers and fabric samples separate.
The stripe top is a classic item, but the bow detail on the trousers keeps the outfit looking feminine where it could look very cold and business like with so much gray. She would also definitely not leave her shirt tails hanging out like that! So unprofessional.
So, these are the outfits I’ve picked out today, what do you think? Would Nanjo and Mayu like their outfits?

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