WWMW: What Would Mayu Wear Week Day 1 – Warehouse

Happy new year! I spent new years day on the couch eating and watching Atelier on Netflix. I started the series a week or so ago and have been totally obsessive about it ever since. It’s fantastically written, the lighting and staging is my favourite TV lighting I’ve seen in years and I am incredibly invested in the lives and motivations of all the characters. I watched the whole series as quickly as possible and spent the final three episodes crying my eyes out for pretty much the entire time because I was so invested in the choices that the characters were making towards the finale. Atelier is the kind of show I will always go for; it’s about a small group of people who care passionately about their chosen way of life or profession. In this case, Mayuko Tokita is a new employee at the custom made lingerie brand “Emotion” in Ginza.

The two central characters are the new employee Mayuko and the boss of Emotion, Mayumi Nanjo. My favourite thing about the series is the dynamic between them and how they slowly come to have so much understanding and affection for each other. To be honest, the dynamics of the characters in relation to each other are excellently written; nobody has stupid or shallow motivations and while you may not agree with the actions the characters take you can always understand why they’ve made their choices. I honestly wished they were real people.

Another thing that I loved about the show was the style. Obviously, fashion is a key element but the characters have such great and unique style. Shopping around in the sales yesterday I found myself thinking “Ohh Nanjo would totally wear this, Mayu would totally wear this” so what a fun blog feature for this week! If you’re interested in stealing their style on the British high street I’m dedicating my week to what each respective Mayu would wear.

Today I’d like to start with Warehouse, just because that’s where I got the idea for this little series of posts. It was actually quite challenging to do, I thought Warehouse would definitely have items that would suit the formal styles that both characters wear but nothing was exactly right and the selection of shoes was downright sad to be honest.

What would Mayumi Nanjo wear?

Nanjo’s style is very plush and luxurious, with great detailing. Her colour scheme is generally rich jewel tones and metallics and she often wears longer skirts, higher neck blouses or flared trousers. She loves silk and flowers, so this high neck dress with slightly sheer trim details would fit in well with her wardrobe. She doesn’t really wear blue, but she does love it. I didn’t think she would wear any of the shoes on the website to be honest, she tends to go for a stiletto court or just a Louboutin heel in general, so I just went for a boot that I thought would look good.

For jackets or cardigans Nanjo often wears soft, drapey items – there is a particular long, red cardigan with a fur trim that she has which I adore.  I thought this long, sleeveless waterfall blazer was soft enough to go with her style and compliment the outfit well. She has a lot of great jewellery, but nothing really fit her on the site and I didn’t want to just shove something on. The bag is timeless in design, with a blue that fit the outfit well enough so that’ll do. I think the overall outfit has the same vibe as Nanjo, but isn’t totally close to her style.

What would Mayuko Tokita wear?

I wouldn’t say Mayu’s style is plain, but she doesn’t really go for accessories and tends to stay on the side of fashionable office dressing. It’s very safe. Her style is quite feminine and classic, but definitely very office appropriate and in general not one for flashy, or really any, accessories.
In the show she wears a lot of bow tie neck blouses with blazers, but Warehouse didn’t have one so I went for one with a nice subtle detail. Mayu likes stripes and often wears striped shirts or blazers but I thought this subtle needling detail was a nice enough substitute for a stronger pattern. The skirt is formal, but the buttons mean it’s still playful and youthful enough for a young character. She wears clothes that really suit her figure with a lot of very clean lines, so the waist tie on this skirt would really suit her style and emphasise her great figure.
Mayu tends towards a light coloured shoe, even if she has a darker outfit on, so her outfits don’t become too serious and stuffy. I actually hate these shoes, I think they’re really ugly, but I didn’t think she’d go for any of the peep toe heels or boots that Warehouse had available. I actually chose the same bag as Nanjo because Mayu really looks up to her boss and I think if she was going to choose a bag it’d be one inspired by her.

That’s it for day one! Stay tuned to find out what Mayu would wear from another high street store tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this series, leave a comment down below if you like the outfits or if you see any other items you think each character might wear.


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