Now that I’ve transferred all my posts over I can start giving you all fresh content again! At some point, I’m going to have to do the boring job of fixing all the pictures, but it’s been too long since we had an update so let’s have one.

The past couple of months have been exceptionally busy; I’ve been traveling a lot with work, everyone I know has had loads of drama, I’ve had 10,000 things to do in general so not much posting has been happening. I’m really sorry about that. This blog is usually something I do to chill out but I haven’t had the energy at all lately. Anyway.


Here I am in Lisbon, Portugal. It was really exciting because honestly I haven’t traveled to a lot of places in my lifetime. I didn’t particularly know what to expect, but I really enjoyed the trip. We were only there for about 4 days and two of those were working days so we had to cram in as much as possible to the two days off we had. Also, I was crazy about the traditional tiles on all the buildings and have about 100 pictures of different tiles on my phone now.



I love food, but I’m not a big eater. However, the guys I work with absolutely are! I think we ate three huge meals with wine and sangria every day and by some miracle I managed not to gain any weight. I think because the food was way better quality than what you would get here in the UK. I had fresh, simply cooked fish every day.

Above is a plate of octopus which I started to eat before deciding that this moment needed to be immortalised on my smartphone. I’ve never had octopus before and it was so. Damn. Good!
There was also a really good amount of gluten free options! I was pleasantly surprised. I even managed to get this gluten free waffle with Nutella. Quite often, we ate at a small caf√© around the corner from our airbnb which was run by a guy we’ve been calling “the pirate” as he cooked in a sailor uniform and let everyone have a taste of his home made rum.

The general vibe was so relaxed and the people were so friendly to us everywhere we went. We got lots of tips from locals of where to go and it ended up being a great trip.

I had two big highlights of the trip (excluding the food) and the first was a bar recommended to us by a fellow videographer from Lisbon called Margarida. The bar was called Park, because you can find it on top of a car park in the centre of Lisbon. We got there just in time to watch the sun set and enjoy a really magical view of the skyline of Lisbon as it changed from day to night.


My other highlight was visiting the beach at Cascais and the palace at Pena.

I haven’t swam in the sea in a long time so I really felt refreshed by a morning at the beach.

I don’t know about you, but I love taking the train and watching the scenery go by. This view from my window here is Lisbon’s answer to the Golden Gate Bridge!


The Palace at Pena was a real fairy tale castle. I wish I’d had my camera, but sadly these images from my phone will have to do the trick. Honestly it was very worthy of a princess such as myself.


Again, the tradition tile artwork was everything against those vibrantly coloured walls. I felt really inspired and might revisit these themes for some artwork. I could definitely feel some fashion designs brewing.



The palace is on top of a mountain but the interior is sea themed! My highlight is the silver ship the makes up the centre piece of one of the dining tables.


You know I’m a sucker for tiny details – again deep regret that I couldn’t fit my camera in my bag that day.


The castle also has the most beautiful, serene gardens. We hiked back to the town from the castle and the air was so clear, and the skies so blue. I felt like my lungs and my mind got a good clear out.


If I remember right, this pool was created by monks and uses gravity in order to achieve the beautiful ripple effect. It felt like the kind of place you would imagine when you’re trying to meditate.




Oh, and here’s a photo of the elevator of Santa Justa because it’s a required tourist photo.


I’ll be making a highlight video of the trip for work, so I’ll post that here too when it’s done so you can see more of the lovely sights of Lisbon! I’d like to see them again some day too.

P.S Liverpool John Lennon Airport have asked me very nicely to mention them, and the fact that you can fly to Lisbon from Liverpool. They’ve not paid me to promote them.

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