I know it’s a little bit late to be posting about Christmas, approximately two months late, but I have Tokyo Disney Sea photos to share!

One of the things we really wanted to do during our holiday was go to Tokyo Disney Sea while the Christmas decorations were up. We went on the 21st and it was beautiful! It was also Disney Sea’s 15 anniversary, which was crystal themed, so there was beautiful crystals everywhere.

First Views of Tokyo Disney Sea

The ship and globe at the park entrance of tokyo disney sea

Inside the special mickey monorail at tokyo disney sea

Honestly the whole place was really extra. I had to sit down a couple of times because there were so many lights and sounds and though I really enjoyed it, I found it a bit overwhelming! Maybe if you have asperger, autism or generally suffer with audio-sensory overload you might want to take a couple of precautions. We booked the tickets in advance online, so there was no waiting around and the trip there was actually quite enjoyable. We missed the bus so we got the subway, including the special mickey mouse monorail to the park!

One of the crystal ships on the lake inside tokyo disney sea

Looking at the sky I don’t think you would believe this was a photo from December in Tokyo. It was so bright and sunny it looked like Florida in July.

When you get into the main area of the park there is a huge lake with a big volcano immediately in front of the entrance. We were really lucky that shortly after we entered the park there was a show on the water with boats and water-skis. (we nicknamed the people on water-skis “crystal police” because they looked really cool and official)

The volcano at the park entrance of tokyo disney sea

Obviously it’s not a real volcano, but it looks pretty convincing! There is a roller coaster running through, and sometimes the volcano explodes while people are on the coaster.

a man in a crystal themed costume waving

Part of the anniversary show that we saw featured these amazing crystal prince and princess costumes. Later on in the show they lit up as the performers danced and it was really beautiful. I didn’t take too many photos as I really wanted to enjoy the day, but I’m happy¬† I got this lovely one of one of the crystal princes waving!

Favourite Moments

A car with mickey, minnie and donald inside.

A planetarium with all planets aligned

One of my favourite moments from the whole day was aligning the planets inside a planetarium. This was a really beautiful moment, because to move the planets you had to turn a handle under the main structure. Initially, people were coming in dribs and drabs and turning the handle, realising it moved the planet, then leaving. When we started to align then people coming into the room started working together with us until they all aligned! We didn’t even have to say anything. It was just a wonderful moment of unity between a bunch of people who didn’t speak any of the same language.

Three girls stood outside the palace from the little mermaid

I also love this photo of us taken outside King Triton’s Palace – I really want to remember this moment for the rest of my life. Shout out to the guy we asked to take our picture who got the important parts of the background and our shoes in! Now there’s a photographer. The inside of the palace is decorated with beautiful swirls all over the ceiling to emulate the look of being underwater and every detail is crafted to fit in perfectly with the theme.

Inside king tritons palace

Another one of my highlights for the day was this DOUBLE DECKER CAROUSEL. If you’re a regular reader you might know that I LOVE carousels. This one in the Agrabah section had two layers of whimsical spinning magic.

A double decker carousel

You may be thinking “hey Nadina what’s with all the stupid baby rides?” Well… I’m a big baby. I dont’ have a strong constitution and I am far too scared for proper rides…But, I decided to try and be cool for once in my life and went on the tower of terror with my friends.

A girl stood outside the tower of terror

I screamed a lot.


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