When I was younger I was a voracious manga reader, it took me less than an hour to read a volume and my concentration could get me through multiple volumes in a day. I probably couldn’t remember most of what I read now, but when I read Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) a quote from one of the characters has always stuck with me.

“Good shoes take you to good places.”
I find it difficult to buy things just because they’re pretty, not to say I don’t ever do it, but I don’t own a lot of accessories for this reason. However, beautiful shoes have a great loophole in that they are inherently functional. I think that’s why a lot of women like shoes, they’re beautiful and despite often absolutely destroying our feet we can still class them as a functional and useful purchase.

This particular pair; velvet peep toes with a platform and stack heel, are definitely not a functional and useful purchase but they were an unmissable purchase. They also make my legs look amazing. I think MIU MIU is a beautiful brand, they’re optimistic, fun, glitzy and glam. I’ve been a quite, sparkly eyed admirer of the brand since seeing one of their detachable collars on Tavi Gevinson way back in like 2009 or something. Everything they make looks like it should be in soft focus on a glittery, dream like background and that is absolutely my vibe. All the models should look like Aubrey Beardsly illustrations.

However, retailing at £445, a MIU MIU shoe purchase such as this one was never going to be within my grasp. Not in my current situation for sure. But of course, dear reader, I didn’t get this pair for £445. Due to a beautiful bit of retail pricing glitchery I didn’t even pay 10% of that. So, despite not needing these shoes at all, I laughed and bought them because designer dreams don’t just float in to your life at high street sale price every day.

And they are beautiful. Leather uppers, inner and soles. Deep Bordeaux velvet, so the box says, somewhere between magenta and plum if you ask me. Every detail is precise and every stitch perfect. I need to find some kind of platform in my house where I can elevate them to the highest status. Is it really uncool and common of me to be excited about designer brand purchases? I don’t care. I was laughing my way out of the shop. I’ve mentioned before, about an article I’ve recently read wherein women of a certain wealth and status in New York will not wear black tights, and therefore others seeking to emulate that status will not wear them too. There is a certain type of behaviour, and clothing, for a certain type of person – and even though sumptuary laws are long gone I feel like they are still unspokenly there in signifiers of class.

I wondered, was my behaviour in the shop laughable for “real” designer shoppers? If someone saw me turn over every pair of heels in the sale section until I got to this pair of heels, light up, try them on, smile, get excited about the price, get hyped with the shop assistants and walk up to the till giggling, would they cringe? Would they cringe because it’s just a pair of shoes and we’re all supposed to be cool and not care about how much money were spending when designer brands are concerned? Would they be disgusted that I was happy about getting them for so cheap? I’ll admit, I was a tiny bit embarrassed when I walked out, thinking that I must have identified myself as a scrub, a serf. But that quickly passed when I spent some time strutting around my house and taking pictures of an insanely beautiful pair of shoes. I’d really like to not care about class and status, but as always they are inseparable from fashion.

I know this all seems a bit much for a post that is essentially “I bought some shoes” but I see social strata getting more and more defined these days. I suppose an instagram blogger with 1.5 mil subs wouldn’t post a picture of these shoes because they’re so later than last season, but I’m just hoping they’ll take me to good places.

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