Thoughtful Thursday Links

I started writing a post today about how we can all be better friends to each other the days while times are hard. Then someone who follows me on tumblr asked me about the humans series which has just finished on channel 4 at the moment and I wrote a huge response that got me thinking about bigger stuff on a wider scale again.

Here’s some food for thought for the week in the form of a linklist:

Does Ethical Shopping Exist? Kind of but not really; now how are you going to be holier-than-thou about your purchases?

Thinking about feminism and race in Humans made me think about it a bit more in general. For a while I was really interested in riot grrl and read a lot about it but something about it didn’t really appeal to me? There felt like there was something missing.

If you’re interested in my basic thoughts on Channel 4’s Humans then there I am discussing it over on my tumblr!

Please feel free to come and chat to me.

Also – I still want peoples 1997 Mizz mag embarrassing stories. Please email them to me and maybe I’ll make a tumblr or a webspace or something to illustrate and share them.

I also suddenly want to know everything I can possibly know about Marie Kondo.

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