Outfit Post: Secret of Kells in Southport

outfit post - wearing lolita fashion, knight night secret of kells JSK

I actually own this dress, Secret of Kells by Knight Night on Taobao, in two different colours. One day I’ll probably en devour to take photos of myself in both outfits so I can put them next to each other and make out like I’m my own twin.

JSK – Secret of Kells

Blouse, Cardigan – Amavel

Socks – Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Shoes – Hush Puppies

Beret – Kangol (vintage)

Necklace – Jane Marple

Bag – Milk

The pictures were taken in Southport shopping arcade. I think this staircase is really beautiful, and I like the way the rich colours of the chartreuse wall tiles look with the deep wine and navy in my look.

Portrait shot - secret of kells jsk

Secret of Kells gives me such a ‘scholarly’ feeling, so I wanted to do quite an academic look to go with the gown. I really like the balance and depth of colours in the overall look – and it’s so weird to not be wearing any black at all!

Outfit Post: An Ode to Teenage Me

There is something very aggressively teenage about provocative slogan t-shirts. Examples of why I’ll never be taken seriously as an adult from my own collection include;

  • A tight, black t-shirt which states “PARENTAL GUIDANCE. EXPLICIT CONTENT”
  • A jumper with “BITCH 01” emblazoned across the front
  • Another jumper which I cover up when there’s children around that just says “SUCK A FUCK” outright.

I can’t explain what compels me to purchase such things, but I’ve gone and done it again.

Outfit Photo - Nadina O. Main garment is Lazy oaf.

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Outfit Post: Lolita Fashion Show at The Atkinson Gallery

Despite being incredibly ill over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to drag myself out of bed enough days to plan a whole fashion show and display. It took place at The Atkinson Gallery on the Saturday that has just passed and I’m still feeling really surreal about it. I almost can’t believe it happened even though I planned the thing and also I was there?

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30s Evening Wear at The Lady Lever Gallery

Seeing dresses on mannequins in a gallery always gives me a strange feeling. We see dresses on mannequins all the time around us in shop windows and yet put them in a gallery and we feel the need to pay close attention to them and take close up shots of them. Would I take close ups of mannequins in Toshop? Probably not, but then the lighting isn’t half as good. It’s all context I suppose.

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WWMW: What Would Mayu Wear Week Day 4 – River Island

Another day, another set of outfits. I’ve got back to daily wear for today’s theme. I was actually impressed with River Island’s selection of work wear and accessories because I was able to put together some outfits quite easily all from one shop. I like the consideration had clearly been taken by the designers to match accessories to match each other so that shoppers can easily create well put together outfits.

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WWMW: What Would Mayu Wear Week Day 3 – Topshop

It’s actually really hard to buy an entire outfit from the same shop. It’s also definitely not something I’ve ever done myself. I’d rather get my shoes from somewhere that just does shoes and does them well, my clothes from somewhere that does clothes and does them well and my jewellery (which admittedly I don’t buy a lot of) from a very niche seller on etsy, ha!

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WWMW: What Would Mayu Wear Week Day 2 – Oasis

I can honestly tell you dear reader that I’ve only ever bought two things from Oasis in my lifetime; a denim dress and a really 80s peplum skirt. I got really excited when they released a collaboration with the V&A but in the end I was really disappointed with the items themselves. I’ve always thought the target demographic was maybe someone more feminine than me, but I wear dresses about 80% of the time so I think we can surmise that they’re basically just not my style. However, I did spot a few pieces that I thought would be great for both Mayu and Nanjo and thankfully created vastly different outfits from the ones I chose yesterday.

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