Sunday relaxing for the Gods.

Let’s not talk about Eurovision this year. I get so excited for Eurovision and I invited all my friends to my house and bought like £12 worth of junk food and honestly I had a great time despite it being pretty mediocre as a show. Conchita was there though and that redeems quite a lot.

During the day we took my cousin, who is staying with us at the moment, shopping in the city centre. It was a normal day in the city but I wore a really long floaty skirt so I felt super tall and beautiful. An actual pillar of beauty all day.

Top: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania (found on the floor at Urban Outfitters and bought for £30)
Skirt: River Islan
Boots: Vagabond
Bracelet: Azendi

After a somewhat disappointing night we went to my friend Amy’s house and hung out, played board games, listened to Hole and did our nails. I have never had all of my best friends in the same room before so I took some artsy photos just to prove to myself when I’m old that I was once young and had a really cool squad. I’ve left out the photos of faces, so I hope you like pictures of feet and hands. I sure do. I’m not being sarcastic.

Board games are really coming into the mainstream again now, I feel. I see a lot more board game nights at pubs or bars. The main bar I hang out in here has a selection of fun games around, including a pretty old trivial pursuit board which is far from topical, and very difficult to win for someone who was probably a baby when the questions were devised. We actually played this really interesting and fun German game from Ravensburg called Labyrinth. The board is made of movable tiles and you have to move the labyrinth each turn and try to navigate through it in order to find magic items.

When I was younger I never had female friends like this. I was unintentionally a tom boy to be honest and under that awful misapprehension that I was “not like” other girls. I’m really glad now to have such a big group of female friends, and especially my very close inner circle of amazing friends who just get each other. I definitely haven’t always had this, I would say this group has come together for the last year but I wish I’d had tonnes of lazy Sundays like this one. We made popcorn and tossed it in cinnamon sugar and salt and it was delicious. When our Hole album was finished we just played it again.

It actually made me really emotional. At some point Amanda, who is often just perfect and says all the perfect things, just stopped us all and said something to the tune of “I never really had girl friends like this to just hang out and do nails and play games and I know that might sound really shit to someone else but I am seriously having the best time.” I was having the best time. I know I say a lot that my life hasn’t turned out the way I pictured it, we all said at the day we felt like this is how life should have been when we were fourteen and yet it wasn’t that way for any of us. Most of my friends have actually had really difficult lives, but in the photos this day seems washed in bright, hopeful light. I feel like we all deserved that. These photos mean a lot to me.

In the evening we went to see Mad Max; Fury Road. Tomorrow I’m going to post a bunch of reasons why I loved that film. Staaaay tuned. ~

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