Stuff I’ve Bought Lately and Stuff I’ve Not Bought.

A few days ago I was in Forever21 with my cousin and to be honest I didn’t see anything that appealed to me. Partly because, I will admit, I am a bit of a snob towards Forever21 and Primark. Partly because it all looks crap.

Surely it is not possible that clothes could be made that cheaply without exploitation along the line somewhere. There is the cost of the cotton, the cost of labour, the cost of transport, the cost of floorspace and shopstaff and profit; how could that amount to a pair of leggings at £4? Given that your average profit calculation for retail is cost x 2.9 (not 2.9% actually 2.9!) that means those leggings cost £1.30 to make. Surely that is not right.

I try and weigh up the moral choices a lot of the times when I buy things, when I can. When you’re a uni student with no money it’s a little harder to be moral but when I have paying jobs I try my best to buy from somewhere reputable, but to be honest it’s harder to even find that our or understand it these days. I love buying clothes from Ted Baker, looking into their ethics they’re signed up to a program called MADE-BY, but Primark is also signed up the same program? I know Primark have a bad reputation for ethics, so how can I trust this? If I wasn’t writing this post at 11pm I would probably look into it more, but as I am let’s save some better research on ethical fashion for another day – I’ll do my best to do some proper ethics research on all my favourite brands so look forward to it! For now, lets look at what I’ve bought lately, and conversely what I’ve not bought!

First up – these cute sandals from Office! I like a good 70’s looking shoe and these will be my third pair of silver shoes to date. When I think about cute 70’s style, I always think of Miu Miu. Since I can’t afford Miu Miu, and that pair of Ash sandals I saw at outlet were out of stock in my size, these will do! They’re comfy and cute and you only have to paint three of your toes! Isn’t the trend to wear them with socks now anyway? I actually bought them on sale in Chester while I was there the other day, but I was too busy talking about what a nice day I had to mention these shoes.

Next, this dress from Dr Martens. I tried it on in the shop in Liverpool the other day and I felt adorable but also super punk. My way of dressing constantly wavers between adorable and aggressive and this is the perfect line between the two. I own that stupid “suck a fuck jumper” from Drop Dead and I love it. Plus, red is my colour and it was on sale! Actually the quality of the dress is really beautiful, the resin dip dye up top is very textural and lovely and for me the fit is great! The only problem I have with Dr Martens clothes, which are generally very well made, is that the sizing can be inconsistent. I own three Dr Martens dresses including this one, two are L and one is XL but I suppose you can’t have it all…

Stuff I didn’t buy – this dress from Ted Baker outlet. It’s unbearably cute and sits lovely on me but I can’t find it undamaged or not covered in make-up stains! Plus, it wouldn’t go with anything I own except those sandals. I really don’t like to buy stuff for the sake of it, I have to really like something to put down the money for it so I just didn’t buy it. This is a particular pet peeve of mine about shopping in and around Liverpool; anything light coloured is always covered in make-up stains. Saying that, this dress made me feel like an adorable 60s starlet, but for £99 I would prefer to have a dress which I really love. C’est la vie.

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