Hall of Steel, baby. (I went to Leeds)


Odd thing to say, but I really appreciate how well signposted the attractions are in Leeds. I really had no problem finding my way around. While following the signs and enjoying a walk by the river, I spotted the one above. I assume it’s some kind of art piece, but I laughed and it caught me by surprise so I had to take a picture.

Royal Armouries Museum

Royal Armouries - Leeds

Royal Armouries - Leeds

We visited the Royal Armouries museum and I really enjoyed looking at all the suits of armour.

I was really impressed by the quality of the museum overall. There were lots of interactive displays and shows even though we went on a Monday. We listened to a great account of the Battle of Plassey. I’ve never been interested in battles, but I have always loved great storytelling so I was really drawn in.

One of my favourite museum experiences of all time was at the V&A in London. I listened to a talk about different kinds of armour styles and found it immensely interesting. I learned so much about how armour reflected fashion trends and bodily insecurities of its time and it really made me interested in looking closely at suits of armour. A fact that has always stuck with me is that blacksmiths would make fake slits in the arm pieces to reflect the pulled fabric of fashionable sleeves and show the wealth of the wearer. If it were me, I’d probably tone it down so nobody killed me in the hope that I had money on me.

I think clothes and makeup are definitely the same as wearing armour, and always want to experiment more with the concepts of protection and vulnerability in dressing.

Chinese garment - leeds royal armouries museum

Chinese garment - leeds royal armouries museum

What do you think about having clothing pieces in museums? Do you like to see them preserved or do you feel sad that they are not being worn? I can never decide which side I sit on. I think both. It’s sad when clothing, which has an innate purpose, is not used for that purpose. But it’s good that many people will get to see it and be educated about it.

Leeds City Centre

Original Marks and Spencer clock - Leeds

I didn’t know this, but Leeds is the original home of Marks and Spencer. There are a lot of markets in the city centre, including one which holds the original Marks and Spencer Bazaar shop. There is a really nice sense of history in Leeds. Also, lots of really lovely buildings, and very, very beautiful shopping arcades. The Corn Exchange, was particularly lovely. Especially one small shop with a variety of different film cameras. I often feel like I’m too reliant on digital settings saving my pictures. I should really try traditional photography sometime.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I love Travelling Man in Manchester and was happy to find there is also a store in Leeds. I stopped by and ended up buying a card game called Elevensies to play with friends. I like card games and board games. They’re just such a simple fun thing to do that you can enjoy almost anywhere.

To finish the day, we met up with some brilliant friends of mine and went for dinner. Sadly, I got the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had in my life from the meal and was sick for a few days afterwards, but it was worth it for such a lovely time.

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