So, I’m jobless…

All of a sudden I find myself with inordinate amounts of free time. My time as a marketing assistant is over so I’m going to take it as a blessing and pursue my dreams of writing, drawing, making films and generally being creative.

Yes, I will miss the steady income but frankly I live with my parents and apart from a pretty hefty masters loan I don’t really have any unmanageable responsibilities. Before my job ended I saved enough money in my loan repayment account to last me for about 6 months so that is how long I have to make something worthwhile of myself.

I feel immensely lucky to be in that position right now, which is a weird thing to say. A lot of my friends have lost their jobs lately and they’ve not been in such great positions, I just got really lucky. I feel so grateful to my parents and friends for their support and encouragement. I’m hoping this will be a really positive time of growth for me and hopefully I’ll be doing something that you might be interested in! As for what I actually intend to do, well, that is a little bit less concrete. I don’t have a solid plan for this blog other than “people have told me they really like my writing and would love for me to make videos” so that’s currently the plan. Whenever someone tells me that they like something I’ve made I am just over the moon, so to hear multiple people tell me they like the things I write or draw or make in general is so overwhelming and I feel like I must deliver the goods!

I suppose, if you don’t know me, I should introduce myself. My name is Nadina, but you can call me Din if you like, I don’t mind either. I jokingly refer to myself as Liverpool’s foremost Scouse-Bosnian artist, writer and filmmaker.  I have a masters degree in Fashion Media Production from London College of Fashion and a degree in English Language, Linguistics and Creative Writing from Lancaster University. In 2008 I won Liverpool Athenaeum’s Young Writer of the Year Award and I also won a competition for Manga art with the British Museum in conjunction with UAL. That’s all the boring stuff out of the way!

I’m also currently 23, single and naturally blonde. I love fashion, especially Lolita fashion and Japanese street style; I am even an admin for my local Loli fashion community. I like to watch films in bed. I prefer to go out on my days off than stay in, but if I do stay in I like to watch movies in bed. My favourite breakfast is soft boiled eggs and gluten free toast soldiers. I am gluten intolerant and it sucks, sometimes I just eat gluten anyway and pay for it with pretty bad cramps later on. Lately I’m really enjoying loose leaf teas. My favourite subjects at school were Art and English. I am self concious about my smile, jawline, stomach and thighs. People often refer to me as sharp, witty, dry or sarcastic. When I was five years old I got a swing for my birthday. I love to sing, and own a guitar which I am terrible at playing. If I ever say anything egotistical about myself I get really nervous that people won’t realise that I’m absolutely always joking. When I tried on my current pair of glasses my father said I looked like Daria. I don’t mind being vulnerable. I’ve kept a journal since I was about 9 years old, the content improves over time but the themes are generally the same. I don’t find myself particularly beautiful, more weird and interesting looking and I mean that in a really positive way. These are the real things about me.

I look like this:

These photos were taken a few months ago by my mother at my request. There isn’t really anywhere good in our house to take outfit shots and I usually forget but I thought “hey, I’m starting a blog, may as well record my life!” I’m wearing a size 4 Ted Baker “Henne Tea for Two” pleated dress. It’s a little bit loose on me at the waist, usually I fit their size 3 but this dress is chiffon and so the shoulders are too tight in the size 3. I really like this dress because it reminds me of the kind of border prints you would get in a Lolita fashion design. I don’t usually wear pastels (I write, while wearing a fluffy pink jumper) but the print on this dress is so charming that I was really taken by it. I also like the little touch of neon. The neon piping thing is something that I feel Ted Baker does quite a lot and I always fall for it.

I’m also wearing a pair of EUGENIE Faux fur fluffy earrings from Rock’N’Rose. I actually adore the look of these earrings but everyone around me seems to find them really strange?  Whenever I wear them people always say they either like the fluffy part, or the bling part at the top but not both together. My only criticism of them is that they are a little uncomfortable to wear all day. The ball is stuffed so that they don’t squash when you lean on them, but that does mean they can get kind of stuck in the nape of your neck sometimes. They’re also quite heavy because of that.

Anyway, now you know a bit about me, my aims and also what I wore one day a couple of weeks ago and I think that’s plenty for now!

Staaaay tuned! ~

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