Post-Chester Wipeout

So the reason I’ve not posted is because I am rubbish and I couldn’t be bothered to unpack after moe moe con, and then I couldn’t bring myself to work in my incredibly messy room. Today I’ve finally tidied my room rather than sitting around procrastinating so back to what I suppose is my actual job at the moment, blogging.

Chester was a really fun day, even though it absolutely did not go as planned. Here’s how I looked:

Headpiece: Taken from my SurfaceSpell Hat
Wig: Gkyouko on Taobao
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Blouse: Atelier Pierrot Juliette blouse bought from Lorina Liddell
Dress: Pina Sweetcollection Chiffon Georgette OP
Tights: The only thing I will ever and have ever bought from Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 
Gloves: John Lewis
I love this outfit so much and I felt like a gothic queen all day. I could have worn my natural hair with this but I do totally love this wig. I also walked around in those shoes all day, they’re actually pretty comfortable but my feet were very sore and torn up by the end of it. Worth it.

So, I’m one of the admins for my local lolita community and because of that we ended up being asked to do a panel for moe moe con. I was super excited and spent a few days last week preparing the powerpoint, which is why I didn’t blog so much last week. I’m also really sick!
The day before the presentation, so Friday last week, I woke up with an incredibly dry throat. My glands were swollen and I couldn’t even talk but I had really good plans with friends so I just drank 10 cups of tea with honey and carried on with my life without saying too much. I actually did drink 10 cups throughout the day, by the way.
On Saturday I woke up feeling marginally better, I could just about speak so I just kept well hydrated and hoped for the best. We got the convention a little bit early so we had a look around and went to the maid café. Maid cafés are such a funny import; I think we like them in the west because of the cute outfits and that general sense of moé but at the same time we’re creeped out by the idea of paying for company or conversation or fun because that seems a little bit too close to prostitution for us. I don’t know a lot about it but I guess in Japan they have a lonelier culture at the moment, I was hearing a lot about hikikomori/NEET types over the past few years and there is the stereotype that Japanese people work very hard and don’t have the time to socialise. Mix this with kawaii culture and I suppose maid cafés are what you get. I think this is a very shallow reading of it but maybe you get the point. I wonder, with the way employment is going in this country whether paying for socialising and companionship will become a thing here too. Regardless, we sat down at the maid café, had a few drinks and then went to do our fashion show.
I was really nervous because I was commentating for the show and had to really think about the charming, nice things about everyone’s outfit which actually was not difficult but it was difficult to do at speed off the top of my head without using any complex and fashion specific semiotics so I just ended up saying ridiculous things like “This dress has Usakumya! He is the official mascot of the brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright! He is very cute and working in a patisserie.” My plan for this week was, post presentation, to write some presenting tips and kind of review what I’d learned from the process. However, nobody came to our panel! So, the panel never happened and hence all my article ideas for this week went flying out of the window. Oops!
We realised that our panel was set for the same time as the announcement of the cosplay results and it was a really small con where cosplay was the main attraction so naturally everyone was at the announcement. I didn’t take any offence at this, it was just unfortunate on our part, but I was more just gutted that I’d put so much effort into making a presentation that nobody was going to see! I thought a small, local convention like this would be a great place to recruit new members and speak to people who might be interested in the fashion but too scared to try it out without some backup from a community. Luckily, slideshare exists and I can share my presentation slides with all of you:

Some of the slides are just images which were designed for me to talk over, so what I’ll do this week is write blog posts for what those slides were going to be about! Look forward to a post about a brief history of lolita and how to tell good lolita from the bad stuff. For now, enjoy the pretty pictures in the panel. My favourite slide is the anatomy of the lolita outfit illustration by lemontree11 on tumblr. 
Regardless of the panel not working out, we had a really fun day. The main thing that was devastating about that whole deal is that Georgia and I wore these kind of opposite twins outfits where she did white, gold and sweet and I did black, silver and gothic and I wish we’d got to present the panel because I felt it was a really good schtick! 
A new member of our comm also came to this meet which was great. Whenever we have a new member I spend the entire day lowkey worrying whether or not they’re having a good time and if they’re happy and comfortable etc. but I try really hard not to be a pest loom over them but rather just occasionally check up on them. Our new friend definitely left an impact when she said “guys I am English but what is a cheeky nandos?” I think she felt a lot of regret when we actually went for a cheeky nandos afterwards. Please enjoy our best cheeky selfies.
After that we just decided to loaf around and go feed squirrels in the park. I hope strawberries aren’t bad for squirrels because we gave them quite a lot. They usually eat berries so it seems like it would be fine? The thing I love about our community is that we can always make our own fun. When the panel didn’t turn out, we filmed some fake parody news reports, when the convention ended we went for a cheeky nandos on a whim. We have such a good laugh and nobody takes themselves too seriously. The atmosphere is so good. I did take video of some of it, so hopefully I’ll have that edited and up on YouTube tomorrow; if it’s not awful and cringey anyway.

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