Red is just a colour I like – Tokyo

Remember when I went to Den Bosch and Amsterdam?  I took lots of photos with a theme of red and,  not saying that red is my favourite colour or anything but I’ve done it again in Tokyo. I just got back from an amazing two week holiday and I noticed I’d done the same thing and taken some red photos at a local temple. Not that its hard to find red in Japan.

Temple arches - Ikebukuro Tokyo

We stayed in Ikebukuro, which we learned is known as an Otome area. That basically means it’s kind of like Akihabara for girls. There were loads of shops and cool cafes nearby, sometimes we felt like we would never have to leave.

Angry temple cat - Ikebukuro Tokyo

The temple near us is was well known for having lots of cats that hang out on the grounds! In England if you see a cat usually they will walk up to you and want to be petted but these cats wanted absolutely nothing to do with us. This one also had a part taken out of it’s ear, so I think it was just generally pretty scrappy…

Front temple arches - ikebukuro tokyo

Flags outside the temple - tokyo ikebukuro

The temple was really peaceful, you wouldn’t think we were so close to a city centre. They were having the lights fixed when we visited. I actually really enjoyed seeing all of the different kinds of work uniform they had in Japan?!

There were also lots of fox/dog figures around the temple grounds which had a lot of character.

Statue - tokyo ikebukuro

I liked this one’s battered ear, as it reminded me of the cat we saw guarding the front entrance.

fox statues - tokyo ikebukuro

The day was very overcast and gray, but I like gray. It makes all the other colours stand out.

temple - ikebukuro tokyo

temple roof - ikebukuro tokyo

Another photo of the front of the temple - ikebukuro tokyo

Temple bell - ikebukuro tokyo

I’ll make a less sombre post with some photos from Tokyo Disney Sea soon, but I really wanted to share the photos of this beautiful temple first!

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