Photography Practise in Chester

For the bank holiday I went with my family on a day out to Chester. I feel like I haven’t been to the city centre in a long time, even though I probably have. It was such a lovely day and Chester is such a beautiful city. I took some time for photography practise even though I must admit I am definitely not great at taking photographs of landscapes and architecture.

This silhouette is very unusual for me, I normally don’t wear long, loose fitting layers but I was feeling a kind of grumpy 80’s nagomu girl look that day. It was also a very textural look for me and I wish I’d gotten some close ups of the glittery flecks in the beret and socks – I think I’m also wearing everything I own from Topshop in this picture! Only just noticed. I felt so comfortable all day and very much like some kind of teen movie stereotype art school girl. Although quite a feel people stopped me to say my look was “lovely” which surprised me!

Beret: Accessorize
Jumper: Urban Outfitters about 4 years ago
Body Chain: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Glitter socks: Topshop
Shoes: Dr Martens

The first thing we did in Chester, and the first thing I suggest that you also do is visit The Old Sweet Shop! I was torn between macarons and fudge but in the end I got a packet of caramel fudge and a bottle of Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola. I definitely felt like my schoolgirl look while shoving those into my bag. The shop itself is just so cute, with rows and rows of chocolates, different flavours of fudge, speciality sweets and local favourites. This shop also has a lot of lovely confectionery gift sets and they seem to have a good variety of diabetic chocolate too, which is always nice. I really like that the shop maintains the traditional look with wooden shelving and plenty of glass jars.
The city centre itself is of course very beautiful. While my cousin was in a few shops my dad and I sat down and watched a man play some really lovely music on his electric violin while I took some photos. It definitely had a really relaxing and classy atmosphere! We have Loli meets in Chester pretty often, since it’s not hard to get to and it is just so scenic and pretty.

I really like architecture but I am not great at capturing exactly what it is I like about it with my camera. In Chester I especially like all of the small details in the buildings and the way that a lot of the businesses have kept traditional signs in order to fit in better with the overall aesthetic of the buildings. So many of the details are so well preserved and I always like to think about how somebody stood in your place 100 years ago would see a lot of the same things as you! The buildings inside are often very narrow, but I like how shop owners have adapted their layouts around this; I like it when something is able to change and grow organically as time moves on. I am very sad to hear about the amount of old buildings and historic areas in London that are just being mowed down, especially sad to hear about Goldhawk road since that was where I lived during my time in London. I really feel like they are targeting areas with high immigrant populations or LGBTQ association such as Shepherds Bush and Camden….

The sky was a little bit grey all day, but I managed to get a couple of pictures of the sky looking fresh. To be honestly, I really ought to buy another lens for my camera, because I take all of my photos with a portrait lens which is fun as an exercise but generally not ideal. Walking along the river was so relaxing, there was live music playing from the gazebo and there was a cool, gentle breeze to stave off the heat. The band described their music style as Merseysippi, and it did have a gentle kind of southern swing to it. I felt very relaxed walking along the river, I just wished I had some kind of strapping young gentleman to link arms with!
This is my favourite photo that I took throughout the day, which was taken in Grosvenor Park by the river – another great place to walk arm in arm with a handsome young man (or handsome young lady!), Victorian style. I think I just wanted to be wearing tweed and strutting about like the landed gentry. Either that or something floaty; a friend of mine kind of looks like Hugh Grant maybe we could re-inact that part from Notting Hill where Julia Roberts is all ethereally beautiful in her Henry James role with those curls falling around her face. The opening between the two lines of trees really makes me think of “The Secret Garden” which I really adored when I was younger. I normally don’t go for centred compositions, I like things to be a little bit off but for this one I really like how that beam of blue cuts right down the middle like some kind of UFO beam or rapture. Another thing I like about this photo is that my dad is just out of frame, grinning like Garfield and attempting to ruin the shot. I really should have let him ruin one, since photos of him are so rare.

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