I decided I wanted to try mobile posting just so that I can post more often. I don’t often have the chance to take great pictures of my outfits, but I would like them all preserved somewhere so I thought I’d give this a go!

It’s funny, in Japan I think this type of mobile blogging is quite popular but it seems like you have to have very staged and produced photos in the West. Interesting little difference.

I visited Stockport hat museum with some friends and wore this darkly sweet outfit.

Little Devil outfit photo at Stockport hat museum

The overall look reminds me a lot of anime characters I used to like when I was younger. I think little bat wings and a tail drawn over the picture would be really cute too.
The hat museum was so impressive! I loved their selection of hats and the building itself is really nice. They also have lots of old hat making machinery which was cool to see – a definite must-see for steampunk fans!!

This photo was taken on the machinery floor. They had a beautiful old till and vintage chest of drawers made out in a little shop corner.

I didn’t really do anything special with the wig but I don’t normally style wigs so I’m happy I even managed this!!

One of my favourite pieces of the hat museum was watching videos from people who used to work in hat making factories, specifically the account of one woman who said “I hated every minute of my entire four years working there.” I appreciate that level of bitterness.

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