For those unfamiliar with lolita fashion, there are actually two ILD. One is the first Saturday in June, the other is first weekend in December.

It was super hot today so I dressed very casually. Outfit photo, black lolita dress and red cardigan

I went to see an exhibition of edo prints at lady lever gallery! I went to the hokusai museum during my Japan holiday and really enjoyed it, so it was nice to see woodblock prints locally too. 

My favourites were the oiran portraits because they were the most colourful with lots of beautiful kimono patterns.

It’s really unusual to see me without a blouse or legwear in lolita, but I’m glad I didn’t wear too many layers because there was very strong sunlight today.

Lady lever gallery is also a very beautiful buulding, surrounded by twee little houses. If you like miyazaki films definitely visit.

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