A few weeks ago I went to see an exhibition of feminist embroidery at the Portico library in Manchester. Since it was am exhibition, I decided to wear an art themed, rococo inspired coord. Well, never have I seen myself so accurately depicted in the medium of embroidery, check it out.

Embroidery of a woman taking a selfie

Fantastic, right?

Embroidery of women in frilly dresses protesting

Embroidery of a woman dressed like both peep getting arrested

I’ve said many times that I believe dressing this way is incredibly feminist – but I’ve never been read in quite such a way before. It was great.

I took a selfie with the selfie picture. 10/10

A selfie next to the selfie embroidery

Outfit photo - rococo inspired

I wore some pieces I’ve not worn before, such as these chantilly tights which are my new favourites because they are so comfortable.
It was actually quite hard to get a decent picture as this hat shades my face in just the wrong way…I might try wearing it further back on my head next time.

Another outfit photo, rococo inspired

I was really fortunate to see pieces by some of my favourite contemporary artists! I’ve been following king Sophies world on instagram for a long time so it was really cool to see her pieces in real life. They’re immensely beautiful.

Embroidery sequin rose

Actually, what made me really want to go and see the show was knowing I’d get to see hanecdote’s amazing viral meme.

Hanecdote's Arthur meme embroidery

Its really small! I took a selfie with it because I love it so much.

Selfie with the meme embroidery

There were also lots of other great pieces being shown.

Every artist had a really unique style.

My skin is smooth and whole in your absence knitted piece

Embroidery of a duck in a dress hoovering with a pig in a dress Cross stitch of two naked women

We had the real privilege of being allowed into the reading room to take pictures, it made me wish I’d worn my library print instead….

Portrait in the Reading room

Usually only members are allowed, but the staff loved our looks so they gave us a tour, how cool is that?

After that, we went for tea at Richmond tea rooms, where I had a really delicious afternoon tea set. The scones were particularly delicious.

I’ve been on lots of adventures lately, can’t wait to fill you in on what’s been going on!

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