Beret: Marks and Spencer
Blouse: Somerset by Alice Temperley
Dress: Cath Kidston
Pony hair belt: John Lewis
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Three Strap Heel

Today I went to the Atkinson Gallery in Southport to talk to them about organising some events to do with Lolita fashion to go along side their Shoujo Manga Exhibition. Since we were going to an exhibition to do with girls media, I wanted to dress in a feminine style. I saw a few older ladies talking about my outfit and they seemed to like it, which is always a really nice compliment! They particularly liked my lovely red beret.

In Japanese “otome” means maiden and it’s also a popular fashion style in Japan at the moment. The basis of the style is to be feminine an quirky, and to mix different colours, patterns and motifs – I think it’s a really light hearted and fun style. Brands that sell otome fashion include Jane Marple, MILK and Emily Temple Cute.

The above images are from Spoon Magazine in Japan illustrating one style of Otome fashion outfit – it doesn’t have strict rules like lolita does, it’s all about playing with colours and patterns for an eccentric look.

What I like about otome style is that it can have lots of different silhouettes, moods and inspirations.

I really like the look from MILK in the left image because of the lovely gingham print and fun lip shaped pockets – it reminds me of a Commes des Garcons collection from a few years ago with cutout lips. I also really like the fuzzy pom pom on the hat!

I decided to have a little preview of the Shojo Manga exhibition today, but didn’t spent too long there taking photos because we’re going to come and have a loli meet at the exhibition later on this month! However, I was super impressed with the exhibition, I thought their selection of images was really fantastic – I just had to get a picture next to this cute doll illustration because her bonnet was so fierce.

I was also so elated to see works by Macoto Takahashi at the exhibition! Even though the pieces are reproductions made to preserve the original pieces, they are still really amazing quality prints and I didn’t think I would be able to see works by this artist in my lifetime. The gallery also provided very well written information in English and Japanese, which I thought was really lovely and gave a sense of context to the pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this preview; after we go to the gallery for the meetup I will add more images and write ups about my favourite pieces – of which I have many! Please do check out the exhibition, but if you can’t make it I’ll try and upload lots of images when I next visit.

One thought on “Outfit Post: Otome Shoujo

  1. Your outfit is so pretty – I love the pink and red together, and Cath Kidston is always a great place to go for Otome styles – perfect because we don't need to import from abroad, there's two big stores in Liverpool!
    I really can't wait to go see the shoujo manga exhibition in Southport! I suppose I could go any day seeing as it's in my town, but I'm waiting to go for the meetup. I'm already planning my old school coordinate!

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