You can’t really walk into a shop and buy punk, especially not Nana Osaki’s kind – unless you happen to walk into Vivienne Westwood in which case you can buy some of it. Her style is really traditional “SEX” punk and she is often seen wearing Westwood rings and rocking horse shoes. There are loads of Sid and Nancy references in the manga too, including character designs, though thankfully there are no gruesome endings on the level of Sid and Nancy.
I wanted to keep Nana’s sexy and feminine punk look, so I chose a check dress because check is a really traditional pattern in punk clothing. However, I kept the look modern with those big side slits in the dress and a bright yellow leather jacket. In the manga Nana’s look is obviously very visually arresting, but she usually wears a black leather jacket. Zara did have black leather jackets as an option but this yellow one really caught my eye and when I get hooked on something like this I just have to go for it. I can just see her, tall and beautiful, taking in a whole room with this yellow jacket covered in patches, badges and safety pins. It’s a showstopper!
If I could, I’d really like to add a belt to this look to bring in the waist a little bit or at least add some more visual interest with plenty of studs. I’d also love to add some fishnet or lace stockings and even more jewellery. Nana is not really a minimalist dresser, she wears jewellery in abundance but Zara didn’t have enough pieces online for me to create a cluttered look. Of course, the jacket needs tonnes of patches and the dress probably needs even higher slits ripped into it for a true punk rocker look.
Have you seen any items that you think would suit Nana Osaki lately? Leave them below in the comments!

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