Nana is one of those manga that really sticks with you, even if you don’t exactly remember what happened in the tangled web of relationships between the characters. It had everything I wanted in a manga when I was younger; romance, music, style, optimism, female friendships, though I still want all of those things now. One of the things that really caught me about this manga at the time was that the characters really grew throughout the story and you felt as if they were growing with you; but I did read it in my early teens so that may be the reason why I feel that way.
Nana Komatsu, or Hachi, makes me think of three words: vintage, florals and girly. Looking on line I see people often make outfit collages for her that include floaty ra-ra skirts and big comfy leg warmers. It’s true that her style does often feature some great oversized knitwear, but for me the key looks for her always involve a good 60’s shift dress, a big pair of go-go boots and a patterned headscarf. In the manga Hachi works for a vintage shop and her style grows to be very vintage inspired because of that, so I tried to draw from that in the outfit that I made for her. Sadly, Miss Selfridge didn’t have any floaty head scarves, but I tried to keep her love of eclectic vintage fashion in there with a woven tote bag.
Hopefully I captured her style well! Tomorrow I’m aiming to put together an outfit for Nana Osaki, but I’m having a little bit of trouble finding a high street shop that I could even vaguely imitate her style from. Nana Osaki is very d.i.y punk with a bit of Vivienne Westwood thrown in for good measure, but the British high street can’t imitate queen Viv that well. I’m going to keep brainstorming! Until then, let me know what you think of Hachi’s outfit! Have you seen anything that makes you think of her lately? Give me a comment down below.

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