To celebrate the Shojo Manga exhibition at The Atkinson Gallery, which is great and you should totally go see, and my collaboration with them this past weekend; I’ve decided to dress my favourite manga fashionistas this week!

Paradise Kiss is a fantastic manga about a teenage girl finding her place in the world through fashion, with a heavy dose of love story thrown in for good measure. The style in this manga is too great, and the soft, dreamy romances between the characters always kept me coming back for more. The character, I feel ,who has the most stand-out personal style is Miwako – a bubbly ex-fashion student with long, pink hair. She is childish, fun, optimistic and always kind to the main character Yukari.

In the manga Miwako wears a lot of different styles, including lolita, so I went for a look that I felt wouldn’t look out of place in modern Harajuku for her. In truth, she could probably wear anything but I wanted to remain true to her optimistic, cutesy, eclectic style using lots of patterns and textures in bright, happy colours. I think even in the manga she does say that her main skill is looking really cute in clothes, and while she can sew her older sister is much more talented so Miwako is content helping her in any way she can.

I feel like modern Harajuku girls can get away with wearing whatever footwear they like and make it work, I’ve see a lot of girls wearing very elegant outfits with trainers or clunky shoes that just match the colour palette rather than style but totally work even though they definitely shouldn’t. I also really wanted to mix textures, so I was really excited to use the corduroy pinny and satin bomber! I’m so inspired by this outfit I feel like I should draw it. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I actually did draw Miwako a few weeks ago!

The trend of using lots of different charms came from Japan in the early 2000’s, I remember seeing a lot of really heavy looking flip phones weighed down by tonnes of charms in manga and TV shows around the time. Obviously, I had to give her good accessories. I actually wish I could have done more; in the manga she has a lot of different hairstyles so lots of hair accessories would have been great but I think these fluffy clips fit her style and go well with the outfit.

Overall I wanted to express something fun and cute, that was a little bit matchy-matchy, because I love Miwako’s style! I like the light heart theme throughout the outfit, paired with fluffy accessories. This is one of those outfits that when I put it together I wonder, would this look brilliant or horrible in real life? I’d like to say amazing, but you’d have to have Miwako’s look to pull it off.

How do you think I did? Have you seen any items lately that make you think of Miwako? Link them below in the comments!

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