Kuranosuke is another one of those characters, like Miwako, that can just wear anything and look super cool. In Kuregamhime, Jellyfish Princess, Kuranosuke is a fun cross-dresser who is incredibly fashion forward and gorgeous. He knows this too, and uses it to great effect! He’d love a career in fashion but trendy, stylish girls have come to bore him with their lack of creativity. In the manga, he meets the incredibly unstylish otaku, Tsukimi, and her flatmates and uses his fashion makeover powers to help give them the confidence to save their flat from being torn down! This manga is so sweet and heartfelt, I’ve watched the anime series about 4 times if not more. It’s the cutest!
Kuranosuke’s style is difficult to describe. It’s not like Nana Osaki’s, which can be boiled down to a particular look or vibe. He dresses in a way which is feminine and accentuates his features – his style is trendy but also classic. Basically, he just knows how to look good. I think the closest way to describe his style is probably with Japanese “gyaru” fashion; loud, feminine and forward. I chose this asymmetrical floaty, patterned blouse to accentuate this idea.
A lot of people couldn’t get away with wearing white jeans either, but Kuranosuke has amazing legs and definitely could! I included some trend items such a fringe to keep the look fashionable as well as stylish, and I liked the hat because it took the look from very dressed up to very “effortless.” No doubt he would wear this with an immaculate long wig and perfect nails, so even though he’d look very effortlessly stylish and welcome in any establishment he definitely would have put a tonne of effort into creating a perfectly curated trendy, yet casual, yet not casual look. His aim is always to turn heads, and I think an outfit like this, which not everyone could pull off, would easily do that.
How do you think I did? Did I capture his signature look or am I way off? Leave a comment below!

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