Makin’ art happen!

When I was working full time I’d find that after work, the gym and dinner I was often too tired to do the things I really wanted to. That’s sad, but I’m taking some time at the moment to catch up with that! I’m even cooking up a few projects; today I messaged some friends of mine to set up a new kind of art collective type thing and they all seem really interested. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you some good news from that soon!

Recently I decided to do a fan art of one of my favourite films of all time: Kamikaze Girls. As a lolita fashion enthusiast this film is required reading. I’ve had it since I first discovered the fashion around 2006 but I’ve never been much of a fan art person, until now! Please enjoy the process pictures of this piece as I drew and digi-painted it! As usual, I liked it for about 5 minutes and then I saw someone else’s work and was totally unsatisfied!
If you wanna buy the finished piece, you can do so here:

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