Despite being incredibly ill over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to drag myself out of bed enough days to plan a whole fashion show and display. It took place at The Atkinson Gallery on the Saturday that has just passed and I’m still feeling really surreal about it. I almost can’t believe it happened even though I planned the thing and also I was there?

In conjunction with their Shojo Manga exhibition, The Atkinson graciously allowed us to make a small display of dresses and magazines as well as hosting a fashion show as there are many connections between Shojo Manga and Lolita fashion. I brought issues of The Gothic and Lolita Bible, which uses manga illustrations frequently on the cover and made a display of a few dresses too.

Quite a few of us did two looks for the show, but we didn’t have a lot of time to photograph them as the day was so busy! I came first thing in the morning to set up the display and plug the show to the public. I was really happy because throughout the day people asked really interesting questions about the dresses, the construction and really got into looking at the details! We didn’t get the usual “are you bo-peep?” and “what’s all this about, what are you representing?” which can get a little bit tiresome after a while. A lot of people came back for the show and the gallery told me later that they had more than double their usual visitor count on the day, which made me really proud. Regular readers will know that I love art, so I was so proud to able to bring people to a gallery so close to my home.

A lot of the photos from the day are quite grainy but you can see a little bit of my second look in the one above, as well as the little display of dresses that we had set up in the foyer. We tried to represent a variety of styles and inspirations in the dresses, I thought people would like the sweet Angelic Pretty dress the most, but I was really surprised that people were very interested in the black gothic look I put together with Pina Sweetcollection and Atelier Pierrot.

Mine and Carols’ little corner of the dressing room looked a bit like this, I didn’t even have time to put my crown on during the outfit change in the end!

We had a proper dressing room and everything, it was really exciting! Between changes we had to run up three flights of stairs backstage, I had so much adrenaline going through me as I tried to make it back to the stage on time. I won’t lie, I had fun being the centre of attention being a model.

We had a tiny bit of time to enjoy the manga exhibition as a community and also get some lunch, but a lot of our time was spent practising timing, getting in sync with the music and sorting out our running order for the show. We walked to a waltz, so it was really easy to get everyone in time with music and walking to the same pace. The show was a big success and I’m really happy we got to do it, but it still feels so surreal as if it was all a dream.





Everyone absolutely slayed the runway and I was so proud of my community. I am really proud of my community in general because they are so supportive to one another and so friendly, I couldn’t ask for a better squad to do this with. If you happened to see the show, please share your photos with me! I also got to wear wonder carousel, technically I gave her a very fashionable debut!

If you happened to see us on the day, I hope you enjoyed the show and got a really good picture. Hopefully next time we do something like this I’ll be able to publicise it better beforehand. Overall the experience was really great and I would definitely do it again with better lighting!

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