Location Scout for a day.

I think there are maybe a handful of people on the Earth who truly love their jobs. I feel like most people have a neutral opinion, they don’t hate their jobs and generally they like the people they work with and just put up with what they have to do for about 7 or 8 hours a day. Well, last Friday I had a day as a location scout and it was the most fun I’ve ever had doing work.

The task I had to was just to get some photos of Liverpool looking a particular way for a film, but the experience I had during just reminded me of the reasons that I love this city. I experienced such friendliness and warmth from people – my only regret is that I didn’t take photos of the people that I met.

I was taking photos of the India buildings when I was approached by a lovely man called Bill. He accidentally walked into my shot and apologised “Don’t worry” I said “I’m just taking pictures of  the architecture.”
“If you like architecture, there’s a part nobody ever takes a photo of.” Past the reception desk, you can’t get through the double doors but you can see a fully working art deco, futuristic looking lift surrounded by spiral staircases and with working water features. He told me all about the history of the building, how it survived the wars and what it’s used for today. He also introduced me to one of the shop keepers at the India buildings, who runs a blog dedicated to it’s history over at www.classicartdeco.co.uk. He is really passionate about the building and it’s history, as it seems a lot of the residents are. Bill told me about how it used to be a walkway arcade, and after surviving world war two the beautiful roof and marble floors were added. It used to be cobble and now it’s a lovely creme coloured marble. It’s definitely a film location people could use if they wanted to make Liverpool look like London, or for a period drama of some sort. 

After I left the India buildings, I was thinking I should get back towards the city centre as I had an appointment to get to. It was about lunch time and I was hungry so I popped my head into a café that had one or two people start in it. I totally missed the sign in the door that said “staff training day” and just pottered in like an idiot. Good thing I did though, because I met the owner of the café, Lynn, who told me all about it and how she’d come to open it. Lynn worked as a cookery and catering teacher for adults with learning difficulties for about 10 years before being made redundant. With the money, she decided to pursue her dream of opening her own café.

Now she’s just about ready to open “my flat white” and because I stumbled in she gave me a free lunch!! It was delicious, and I did my bit to help her staff training day; which is how I’m justifying my ignorance of her door sign…. Lynn was absolutely lovely; so warm and welcoming and passionate about her food. She introduced me to her chef, Giovanni, who comes from the same town in Italy where parmasan cheese is made! Theyre excited to add traditional, rustic dishes from Italy to their final menu. Personally I’m really excited to eat traditional rustic dishes from Italy. Also; he poaches a really delicious egg. 
Now full up on a really tasty free lunch, I walked around feeling smug and excited to say “you know how there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well I just got a free lunch!” to everyone I know. Right place, right time for once in my life! I took a few photos of lower castle Street when a man in a long coat approached me. This is usually worrying for a girl who is alone but I actually wasn’t worried at all because he had a big, friendly grin on his face and rather than saying something crass he gave me a fun piece of trivia! Like a friendly npc.

“Are you a Beatles fan?” he asked. I dont hate them or anything. I like them about as much as anyone else.

“I thought you might have been taking a picture of that door over there. It used to be the civic mens club, they played there about 4 times before they became famous.” (I apologise, kind Beatles trivia stranger, if I got the facts wrong, my memory is a little fuzzy writing this now) He gave me his card, which I have now lost because I’m utterly useless. It was a lovely hand drawn business card on dark brown cardstock, which bore the url of a YouTube channel where he plays Beatles covers outside of famous Beatles related landmarks. I thanked him for the knowledge and then carried on taking pictures. A old man behind me was playing some kind of game of squash with a tennis ball in the alley. He seemed upset that I’d disturbed his secret place. I went home feeling satisfied with my day. 

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