I know light night was 2 weeks ago but I forgot to write about what an amazing night I had. Which is all the more reason to write about it, but when you’re having a really good time its really easy to forget to make a post about it.

I actually wore lolita for the night! It was a fun night out after work with my boyfriend and I wanted to look nice. I tried on a few different outfits in the morning and I just didn’t want to wear any of them. I had this cute, summery gingham outfit on with Vivienne Westwood 3 strap heels and my Dr Marten’s Heart Shaped bag. (Also my work is super cool with my fashion sense, but obviously I don’t wear my more outlandish outfits to client meetings)

The first place we went to was Fruit and Fibres Café on Norfolk street. I was really happy that such a small place offered gluten free breads and that every item on the menu was suitable for people with Gluten intolerance like me, yay! They even use balsamic vinegar rather than barley vinegar Рso their catering for people with intolerances was really good. Their food was also delicious РI had lamb scouse and it was really warming and lovely. They also run craft workshops throughout the week and are breast-feeding friendly.

Not my photo of Baltic Clay – it’s Pete Carr’s photo

From here, we went to Baltic Clay for their workshop. I’ve wanted to check them out for a while but didn’t know where it was, nor whether it was the sort of place you could just walk into. When we got in there was a huge mountain of clay with kids climbing all over it and having fun; it was really lively and fun. I’ve never worked with clay before because I’ve never had the chance but I thought it would be really fun to try. I made a really wonky cat and left!

On a whim, we went over to 24 Kitchen Street because it’s another place I’ve wanted to go to but never did. There, we started on a collage workshop. I haven’t done collage since high school but I’m pretty much always keen to give something a go so I sat and dutifully cut and glued paper until I had something vaguely art-like to hand over to a man in a white coverall lab outfit. He scanned it into audacity, then we put some effects on it and it came out as a glitched image – it was actually really cool. For a second I thought he was going to have me listen to my artwork, so I was pretty pleasantly surprised.

While we were looking at glitch art a nice lady came over and asked if I wanted to have a go at DJing. “Yes.” I said “of course I want to do that!” Of course I wanted to try DJing. They had a really good set up and they showed me how to put the records on the player and fade them over each other. I put Syvia Plath reading her poetry over a really ambient kind of beat and it was probably one of the coolest things that has ever happened. Ever. I also put on Say Hello, Wave Goodbye by soft cell and felt like I probably could have stayed there all night just trying out different songs and seeing how they went together. This was probably my favourite event of the night because it was really accessible, anyone could have a go of something arty without feeling like they weren’t good enough and the staff were super friendly and encouraging.

The last event that we went to was the performance of “No worst, there is none” at the cathedral. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as they called the performance an immersive audio visual art piece in the description, but I was very excited to hear a choir and orchestra play because the acoustics in the cathedral are amazing. The performance really was very immersive, the whole piece was about 40 minutes long but it only felt like 10. The art probably wasn’t really my style, though it was very lovely. The screens displayed a variety of digital landscapes from deep caves to snowy mountains, through which the viewer slowly travelled. The choir was very beautiful and reading of the original poem was so heartfelt and frail, it was very moving.

Last year, light night was one of my favourite events on the calendar and this year was much the same. Overall it was a really fun, brilliant light night and I’ll definitely look forward to next year. Sorry about the phone photos! Will go back to proper photography eventually!

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