Did you enjoy my RuPaul reference just then? I did.

Last weekend I went down to London, coincidentally but maybe not coincidentally on the same day that the new dover street market opened. But also because I wanted to see the Vogue 100. My boyf wanted to go Tate Britain and see Tracy Emin’s bed so we went to the Tate Britain too, and I’m really glad we did because the artwork above “The Bank Fax-Back service” is my favourite piece of art that I have seen in a long time! The artwork is a selection of press releases that have been sent back to their writers with teacher-style comments all around them. It’s exactly my level of humour and I think it’s brilliant. I also have my own interns in my new position and I have to remind myself to leave better notes for them than I do for my own work. (Instead of “make this less shit” remember to write “rephrase this to improve the flow”)

Anyway, we went down to London and had a lovely alfresco lunch (we brought our own mushroom burgers and potato salad). Seeing Tracy Emin’s bed was actually really cool! I’ve never had much interest in it before but seeing it in person was really good; I really enjoyed all the small, subtle details and how much of a story there was in the items strewn around the bed. It’s funny, because the bed itself in real life looks kind of like something Paula Rego would paint. Everything is so yellowed and tainted, it really called back to Paula Rego’s dark fairytales for me.

I wasn’t able to get any photos from the National Portrait Gallery where the Vogue 100 celebration was as photography wasn’t allowed inside the space. However, I learnt a lot about the history of British Vogue ad I think the exhibition actually had something that everyone could enjoy even if they’re not a fan of fashion photography. For example, there was a big Cindy Sherman piece and there was some great Tim Walker photography too. My favourite part was actually seeing the vintage covers; I thought they were so playful, fun and artistic. I really love the level of artistry that Vogue aims to bring, however I wish the covers represented that now like they did in the past. I recall watching “Diane Vreeland: the eye has to travel” once, and I’ve watched it plenty of times, and listening to her talking about how they wanted to bring something really valuable and creative and artistic to Vogue readers and I think the old covers really do bring that, whereas the new covers, though beautiful, have lost that same whimsy and artistic spirit.

My favourite photo from the exhibition was a Nick Knight photo of a Galliano Dior haute couture gown from 2007. I really love the neon mouse ears against the pure white in the rest of the picture, and I also love the pose of the model and how her face is shadowed. I think she looks like a monster who could claw you to death at any minute, she’s so sinister, I love it.

The final place we went to on our day trip was Dover Street market. I love DSM because it has all the fun of an art gallery and a shopping experience combined. You know me by now, I’m an infant who love to touch things – a quality art galleries generally do not appreciate. However DSM is a retail experience viewed from a wonderful curated perspective, so you’re allowed to touch everything and it’s fantastic. The space is also really magical in that there’s a lot to explore. You can open a curtain and it might be a fitting room, it might be another brand, it might be a cool piece of art. It’s just a really fun place to be and I would implore you to go if you like fashion and art and trying on things that cost more than your masters degree and touching lovely fabrics and seeing fine craftsmanship. If you like all those things then go.

For fashion blogging purposes, since this is supposed to be a fashion blog, you should know that I sadly went for comfort over style and wore a t shirt from warehouse, mom jeans from waven, my viv necklace and a pair of platform converse.

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