A couple of weeks ago myself and a couple of the girls from my J-fashion community represented J-fashion at DokiDoki festival in Manchester. We were really keen to get involved with the fashion side of the convention, especially since it’s in the local area.

Our table at DokiDoki

It was actually my first time properly being behind a stand at a convention and I really enjoyed it! I drew a lot of pictures, had really nice conversations and raised a good bit of money for charity.

Our table was absolutely piled up with wigs, accessories, hairpieces, necklaces and clip on things by the tonne in lots of different styles because we wanted to give people lots of different styles to try.


I also brought a couple of my GLB magazines with me, including the one that has my photographs inside! I still get to be proud of that, you know?

My Outfit


Thanks to Keogh Photography for snapping a shot of my look. It was a bit unlucky that the lighting at the event is not the easiest to work with.

I actually wore sweet lolita for this event!? I think that sweet lolita is the most recognizable form of the fashion and I wanted to wear this cute jam dress I recently bought.

There could be some improvements to this outfit. Some strawberry print tights would complement this and keep in theme of the look more cohesively. I think an underskirt in navy would bring a little more elegance and frill to it too.

The Makeovers



The most popular makeover we did was sweet, naturally. People love cute pink stuff! Lots of people invited us to go crazy, and we totally did. Anything we could get clipped onto a wig went right on there. A lot of people really enjoyed their looks and didn’t want to take them off, which made me really happy.

We’re really excited to work more closely with the dokidoki team in future. Next year we want to come together with a proper menu of looks, and a bigger selection of makeup and wigs. We’re hoping to bring a proper kawaii corner to Doki Doki and run the fashion element, and of course raise lots of money for Aid for Japan. So, look forward to next year!

2 thoughts on “J-Fashion at DokiDoki in Manchester

  1. DOKIDOKI fashion shows are not known for their conventionality unless you consider neon rainbow colors, lots of candy-sweet accessories, and the occasional runway appearance of mutant creatures and robotic rabbits to be conventional.

    1. Honestly, wearing lolita all the time this look is kind of normal for me now!!! But I didn’t say it was conventional, the event is a convention! ;) Or is it more of an exhibition??? Hmm…

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