It’s birthday eve!

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday and lately I feel amazing because I’ve been pretty much managing to do all the things that I said I would do with my unemployment. My blog posts are pretty regular and I’m actually doing lots of art too! I even managed to make that one video, with hopefully more to come!

One of my closest friends asked me to design her tattoo for her so I actually did it, why not right? I’m really nervous about her getting it but I’m happy enough with it and she really likes it so I guess that’s good enough. Mostly I’m just really happy that one person likes my stuff and wants it on their body. Wow. What do you think?

I am going to try and keep this short and sweet but for reasons to do with my past birthdays and the celebration of life are really important to me. I always get really retrospective and you know what, even though I don’t have a job at the moment I am much, much happier than I was at this time last year. I’m really happy.

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