International Lolita Day!

I can only apologise for the fact that I’ve been missing since last week – my main computer has been riddled with technical issues and I’ve only just managed to get everything back up and running again.We’re still not 100% sure if the computer is fixed, so I might be a bit on and off with posts over the next few weeks.

With that out of the way; June 6th is International Lolita Day! My community decided to have our meet in Chester. Even though I went a few weeks ago, I was happy to go again; I feel like Chester is a great setting to wear classical fashions. We discovered a few new places too, which I love. I always call myself an “Urban Explorer” so the aim is always to find somewhere exciting and new.

The first place we went to was called Hanky Panky Pancakes! I actually turned up to the meet an hour late because one of my shoes broke and then I had a load of problems with train delays, but thankfully everyone waited for me. It turned out that we’d all gone for a black and white/ivory theme with pearls for some reason even though nobody spoke about it beforehand!

The pancake place was just on a side street in the city centre of Chester and it was incredibly popular. We got quite lucky and we only had a ten minute wait until we got to sit down and order. The inside is very cute, it has a low key 50s theme; the waitresses wear Rosie the Riveter style head scarves and the waiters wear button down shirts. There are various quirky framed artworks around the walls and plenty of natural light. They played some popular, upbeat music from the 50’s mixed with some cheerful jazz.

I was personally really impressed with the selection of pancakes that were available to me as someone who is gluten intolerant. However, we had one vegan in our party and I had to say the “peeping tom” pancake with no butter that was available to them was pretty lacklustre. Everyone else in our party was sat with an amazing pancake stack while our vegan was sat with something that looked like a large brown envelope for postage sprinkled with some tomato. Before they cut into the pancake we all made a bunch of jokes about how we were hoping there was a baked apology inside that pancake.
The way ordering a pancake stack works is really interesting and the combinations of stacks you can order are probably limitless. You can choose one, two or three pancakes and then select which topping, ice cream and sauce you’d like to go with them. You can add more toppings for a little bit extra. I went for summer fruits, toffee ice cream and chocolate sauce, though it was very hard to choose just three toppings. I was also very impressed by the quality of their gluten free pancakes. Sometimes when a place offers gluten free, they offer pre-packaged rubbery food but these were fresh pancakes and really delicious too.
Next we went for a walk around Chester, which is lovely as always. My favourite place that we went was Penhalligon’s Perfumery. I don’t know that I would ever wear a Penhalligons scent, but I definitely enjoy their philosophy and aesthetic. If you’re interested I wear two different perfumes at the moment. The first. and my favourite perfume that I have ever smelled in my life, is Amazinggreen by Commes des Garcons. I really like the gender neutral aspect of the scent, for me it makes it incredibly sexy? Plus its always fun to tell people that the notes are vetiver, flint, gunpowder and green pepper. I’m not the type of girl to sleep around, but I bought this scent because I thought it would be a mysterious and attractive perfume to leave on someone’s bedsheets. No exchange of names. The second perfume that I wear is a bit less heady, it’s a Lotus Santal by Thymes perfume. I picked it up because it was on sale for very cheap, to be honest, and because it’s the first sandalwood and patchouli fragrance I haven’t hated, normally I can’t stand either smell. I wanted something that smelled vastly different from my favourite fragrance, so that my nose wouldn’t get tired of the scent and I’d stop smelling it! However, I think Lotus Santal would make a great room fragrance because it has an element of earthiness to the smell.
I felt very Victorian in my outfit and walking around talking about perfumes definitely helped that feeling! Our next stop was actually the huge Holland and Barrat in Chester because our vegan friend was still hungry after a really pathetic pancake. Actually, that particular shop is huge and has a lot of different kinds of products. There was a great selection of vegan foods for our friend, and I was really impressed by the kinds of beauty products that were available. They had a nice big stand full of Burt’s Bees products and Weleda products, both of which I am very interested in. They also had a really cute stand where you could make your own scrub for showers and baths, I thought that was a particularly fun idea.
After that, one girl recommended we go to one of her favourite spots in Chester, Sally’s Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is a little gift shop and tiny café upstairs in Chester’s famous dual tiered shopping streets. The weather was beautiful all day, so we sat in the back garden and enjoyed the sunshine while drinking some tea. Again, very Victorian past times. We also took some outfit photos because it was very quiet and we wouldn’t be disturbing anyone.

These photos were taken in Sally’s Secret Garden; the sunlight was beautiful and the garden is so quaint and charming. I’m not sure what that ribbon flower basket type thing next to me is, but I think it’s adorable!
I felt like the fanciest Victorian lady all day; the hat really reminds me of a riding hat or some kind of grumpy governess hat and I think I really want to take my lolita style to a more historical mood in general. Apart from wearing rocking horse shoes all the time because I adore them.
Hat: Surface Spell on Taobao
Necklace (on hat): Grimoire
Blouse: Vintage from Pop Boutique
Dress: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Tights: Hand made
Shoes: Antaina 
Petticoats; Classical Puppets and Atelier Dormir
Two people in our community came dressed in ouji (prince) style and they looked amazing! I loved all of the small details on their outfits and how elegant the layers looked. There was so much creativity in these outfits.

I don’t think I could pull off brown and black and cream like this; but this outfit balances all three just perfectly and that cat waiscoat is absolutely darling. I think in lolita I would want the cats and diamond pattern to work throughout the outfit but I feel like this just works so well in a way that maybe lolita couldn’t. I love it!

My favourite thing about this outfit is the starry silver overskirt/buttcape. I took a close up of that particular element just because I felt that it worked so beautifully. Now I want my own prince, ha ha!

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