For ILD this summer we went out for Korean food and then for Karaoke! I wore a brand new dress I just got from LIEF.

I was really gutted in the morning because the red heels I planned to wear broke, so I ended up wearing the same black heels I wear all the time. This co-ordinate was a tiny bit thrown together but I think it works out. The only thing I might change in the future is the pearls, I worry they age me a tiny bit in this combination.

We went to Ban Di Bul restaurant in Manchester and I had bibimbap in a hot stone bowl. I had a lot of hot sauce on top of mine and it was absolutely delicious.The bowl is hot stone, so the rice at the bottom gets a bit of an extra fried crunchy texture and it’s really nice!


I took a few pictures with Brenda and Emily. They both looked really sweet! I love Brenda’s fairy kei inspired look and think the pink beret really looks adorable on Emily.

We all took a big selfie in the restaurant, which is only small so it has a huge mirror in the back to make it seem bigger. It’s super convenient if you’re a group of girls with a need for photos.

Some of us had to leave after food, but we still had a nice big group for karaoke. I didn’t take any pictures of the karaoke because I was too busy hogging the mic! I’m just kidding. We sang a lot of old cheesy classics all together as a big group and it was really fun.

There was so much pink at this meet! I wish everyone had told me about this secret dress code they’d clearly come up with between them.

I took a picture of everyone while they took a selfie, I think the result is really cute.

I also took a selfie with Lucy, I think it’s a little bit too close but she looks really pretty and cute with the pom poms in her hair so I can get over that.

After we went for Karaoke we had a few cocktails and all had a chance to catch up. I always have a really fun time at meets and I’d wanted to go for Korean food and karaoke for ages so I was really happy when it finally happened!

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