I happened to have recently acquired a gold Milk heart shaped bag, yay me! My friend has had the Loris replica version for a good while and we thought we’d put them side by side and show you the difference, so you don’t get caught out by someone trying to pass off a replica for the original brand price.

The different is immediately noticeable when you put the two bags side by side – the replica is on the left and the original bag is on the right. I should specify that I bought the bag second hand and that’s why there’s a bit of a dent in the front, doesn’t bother me though.

The first and most obvious difference is the colour; these photos are quite true to life and taken without flash in morning sunlight. You can see that the original bag is a champagne/rose gold colour where the replica bag is a yellow gold. Edit: I have been told that the original bag is also available in a yellow gold! However, the yellow gold version I was told about has a polka dot lining.

Secondly, there is a distinct size difference. I feel that the original bag is about 10% bigger? The strap is also distinctly longer. The straps on the replica bag are smaller and closer together, but this is proportional to the bag being smaller overall.

A smaller difference which you may not notice without looking more closely is the alignment of the word milk to the top of the bag. On the replica bag the i of milk lines up with the middle point on the heart, whereas on the original bag the middle point actually lines up in the gap between the m and i. The font and style is a pretty good match.

The replica bag is on the top and the original on the bottom in this case.  As you can see the linings are also different colours, and the original bag has slightly more of a soft sheen. I think from here you can see that the stitching on the original bag is a little bit bigger too.

I’m not a sewing expert, so can’t really explain the difference in the zips using technical terms, but there is a distinct difference in the inside of the bag in the way the zips have been attached, and the style of zip used. If I had to try and comment I’d say the original zip looks more evenly sewn and sturdy.


Replica on top once more, you can also see a distinct difference in the depth of the bags. I would say the original bag has a depth of 7-8 inches, where the replica bag is probably about 6-7 inches. Original milk bags are HUGE and they are great quality – I am madly in love with mine. I think the overall feeling of the bags were similar; the straps felt sturdy on both, the stitching was hard-wearing on both.

Overall, if I had to rate it as a replica I’d say poor, but as a bag I’d say it’s pretty decent for a cheap, heart shape bag.

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