Guess who charged their camera battery and then forgot to put it in the camera?

I got really into an idea for this outfit and I don’t think I expressed it well enough. I’ve been really into Spoon magazine lately, so I wanted to make a lolita outfit that was a bit more editorial? I wanted to express a character, which was a woman who had been waiting for a long time for her husband to come back from a voyage, maybe a war at sea. I kind of wanted to do crying glittery makeup and have the long hair to express the feeling that a long time had passed? I’m not sure if it works without the crying makeup, which I chickened out of doing. I really did enjoy having very long hair though.

On Saturday we had a picnic meet – except the weather in Liverpool was absolutely terrible. We ended up going to Ziferblat because we already had all of our picnic food and they’d let us hang out and have an indoor picnic. It was really fun, we ate an excessive amount of food and played board games and generally hung out all day.

I’m really glad board games have come back in as a trend because I’ve been really enjoying them. We played articulate and some of the answers were just so hilarious. I’m still laughing about a description of Da Vinci.
“He’s Italian, he invented everything and drew a lot. He had a little man.” 
I knew exactly what she meant but I was in tears laughing. Another amazing description was of Vienna.
“It’s in Italy and has a lot of water.”

“No it begins with V though and they have ice cream?”
My comm are just too funny!

We also played Bucket of Doom, which is a game similar to cards against humanity. In the game you are presented with a situation and you have to pick a card from your hand and describe how you’d use that item to get out of the situation. We also played Dixit which I’ve been wanting to play forever! I’ve been really interested in it because the cards are very beautiful and it seems like a very peaceful and lovely game, and it really was. The artwork on the cards is so unique and lovely and it was a very enjoyable game to play.

We also played a very intense game of Jenga.
I forgot to take a picture until there weren’t too many of us left, I think there was about 13 when we started but slowly people had to go home. Either way, I think everyone looks really great. I am especially loving Emma’s picnic look – it’s too cute. I remember being next to her at Regalia when she was indecisive about buying this dress and I was like “girl! When are you going to get brand new Innocent World for like £50?” She was a little short on cash and I couldn’t shove my money into her hand fast enough. I’m so glad I did because she looks so adorable in this picnic cutie outfit.

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