I’ve mentioned more than once on this blog (I think) that I’m gluten intolerant. I’ve wanted to share all my favourite places to eat and what I make of new GF offerings for a while, but never actually sat down and done it…until today! I’ve also wanted to write down a comparison of all the store bought gluten free breads I’ve ever had but it doesn’t really fit the glamourous fashion thing I’m trying to do here, but I will do it eventually though because you need to know how I feel about bread! For my birthday (July 3rd so talk about late-blogging) I decided to get dressed up and hit the town – but every good party girl needs to eat and American Pizza Slice just released a new gluten free pizza so I thought I’d try it out. Here’s how I overdressed for pizza:

6b486-dsc_1792Top and skirt: Sonia Rykiel
Shoes: Office
Bag: Dr Martens
Lip colour: NYX Liquid Suede in Tea and Cookies


This Sonia Rykiel jumper (and also the skirt) were such indulgent purchases for me – from Cheshire Oaks obviously. She doesn’t pay full price! Normally I don’t like to buy things unless I really need them, and I did need a new skirt, but the jumper definitely wasn’t something I needed. Though, when you live in England an extra jumper will never go amiss. That aside, I bought the jumper because it was dreamy and adorable and I want to wear it all the time forever, which I think is pretty fair reasoning.


So, to the crux of the matter – how was American Pizza Slice’s gluten free pizza? It was great! Definitely tops Dominoes, especially if you prefer a thin crust, which I do. I’m obviously no gourmand, but I know what tastes good and what tastes crap so that’s about the level of critique you’ll get here. Also, I have to compliment the APS staff because they were really knowledgeable about which toppings were suitable even though this type of pizza had only been available for about a week at the time of my visit. They were also really keen for feedback so they could pass it on to their chefs and improve the recipe if needs be so big thumbs up to them!


I’ve included pictures of the top of the pizza and the bottom so you can see the consistency of it a little bit – this piece was a tiny weeny bit burned but it’s okay! Apologies again for camera phone photos but you can excuse me because it was my birthday. Overall, I thought it was a great slice and really reasonably priced, and it only took 10 minutes. The only thing I could even say which would be even slightly negative about this pizza is that the base does have a slight corn/tapioca aftertaste but this is very common with lots of gluten free food so I’m very used to it. It definitely does not detract from the pizza, which is barely distinguishable from their normal pizza. Unlike other pizzas I’ve had it’s not fall-apart floppy or like a chewy bit of cardboard, so I was really happy with it and will definitely be going back again. It felt like proper American style big slices of pizza! In fact, I have been back twice since this first visit.

Tl;dr – delicious, affordable, tasty pizza, lovely staff and lovely place. Definitely would recommend.

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