“GLP” – A Lolita Community Project Proposal

About a week ago I smashed out a blog post about the closure of the Gothic Lolita Bible. I say ‘smashed out’ because I sat at my computer as soon as I got home and furiously typed that post, knowing how rare of a moment it was that my two great passions – Japanese street fashion and content production – would cross over in such a way that I would be able to analyse and make comment. As Laganja Estranja might say; THIS WAS MY MOMENT.

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In the post I provided suggestions for how the GLB might move forward, and since I said it all, I should probably do something about it rather than sitting on my soapbox and telling everyone else what to do. Doing nothing makes me part of the problem, and I’m not really about that life. So, as a follow up I’d like to try and engage people in a community project to bring the GLB into a community run digital project. If it fails, then it fails, but I thought I should at the very least make an attempt.

What’s it going to be?

  • A monthly e-zine (a mailing list) of curated community content for lolita fashion fans
  • A magazine with an international audience and viewpoint
  • A pilot project that may not last longer than an initial 6 month period, if it even makes it that long
  • A labour of love by members of the community

How’s it going to work?

  • It will be submission lead, then curated – like most zines are
  • It will run through mailchimp – unless anyone has a better idea
  • It will be curated and sent out (hopefully monthly)
  • It will go on as long as people keep submitting and I am able to work on it
  • If I can’t work on it any more I’ll pass it on to someone else
  • If nobody wants to take it, then I’ll probably write a wash-up post of what worked well and what didn’t

I’m in – what can I submit?

  • Blog posts, original written pieces, videos, drawings, co-ord photos, photoshoots, stories, dress pre-order notifications, ticket sales for your event, general reminders about when Angelic Pretty is going to release something, product reviews, tutorials, discount codes for your shop…anything that would be of interest to someone involved in lolita fashion.
  • Basically you can submit anything but please do submit stuff, and don’t just submit once and forget about it. This project is reliant on people submitting things every month.

Will it be moving to print?

  • If there is enough content, engagement and demand over a longer period (+6 months) then I will look into small run printing for collectors editions. These will more likely not be a glossy magazine format to keep costs and shipping weight down.
  • I would like to make a strong statement now that THIS MIGHT NEVER HAPPEN. There are things that exist such as Girlim, Eternita, TPC Annual and I don’t really want to start this project with the aim of becoming a direct competitor with these things.

I think I can do a better job than you can

  • Please do! Feel free to take this idea and run with it yourself if you think you can do better. I will honestly happily fail if there’s something that you’re willing to put your time and love into that provides great content and value for the community
  • Alternatively, please email gothloliproject@gmail.com with your offers of help and suggestions

You can sign up to the mailing list and get involved in the project here: http://eepurl.com/cKw47L

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts below, or contact me directly at gothloliproject@gmail.com

Some things I haven’t figured out yet

  • What should it be called?
  • Should it have a monthly theme?
  • Where am I going to find the time to do this?
  • Should I even be doing this at all?

Stay tuned for future updates, and to find out whether I go mad trying this.

4 thoughts on ““GLP” – A Lolita Community Project Proposal

  1. The Mad Lolita

    This is great, but I think the name would have to be something other than GLP. GLP is already the name of an app and website called Great Little Place.

    I am just sorry I don’t have a suggestion beyond that.

    1. nadinaosmani Post author

      Haha, don’t worry it was just a good pun/placeholder name. 🙂 I have a name for the new mag and it’ll be coming out in the next couple of weeks. <3

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