I ordered my first dress from Enchantilic Enchantilly and it arrived today! What surprised me the most was the sheer level of attention to detail in the packaging, as well as the garment itself. I should say, this is not a product review and more an appreciation a really beautifully packaged garment.

Inside the box

Inside the Enchantilic Enchantilly box

The box came with a beautiful A3 poster, pictured top right, on top of the order. There was also a small, sealed brown envelope containing TEN postcards! The dress was packed inside this branded draw string bag and came with a non-slip hanger. The small A4 poster representing the series came in plastic, as did the dress, and both were sealed with branded stickers.

My favourite part of the package is this adorable handwritten note from Fumiko-san herself! Her handwriting is really cute. I’m going to have start dotting the i’s in my name with like kira-kira sparkles too.

Enchantilic Enchantilly Queen Cat Dress details

Enchantilic Enchantilly Queen Cat

I actually bought the non-cat version of this dress because I’ve been dying for a library print in my life. You can see the incredible quality of the garment (hopefully) in this picture. The top has a really lovely woven texture and the fabric of the skirt is so smooth and the print is very crisp. The fit is very flattering, with a comfortable panel of shirring and a stretchy waist ribbon.

Enchantilic Enchantilly print details

Look at these beautiful details! The illustrations on this dress are done in a painting style and look immaculate. In the above photo you can also see the lace which is sewn on perfectly 5mm away from the hem! It’s rare you see such a neatly constructed, flawless garment like this.

You can see the texture of the bodice really clearly in the above photo as well as the cute style of the bow! The dress has a really high quality lace along the neckline, but I’m not really into the rose lace because it doesn’t really go with the rest of the dress.

The dress is long by lolita standards, but I’m very tall so it sits perfectly just on my knees. Tea length for Japan is knee length for me!

An extra treat!

Enchantilic Enchantilly bag charm

I bought the dress within period to receive a gift, and I got this cute little bag charm! The construction of it is actually very impressive and I’ll definitely be wearing it.

If you want to buy this beauty yourself, you can find it here.

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