I haven’t really felt like blogging much in post-brexit vote England, the rainy weather pretty much reflects my mood on the whole thing – even though my outfit is the exact opposite. I know I don’t look what people consider to be “foreign” whatever that is, but my family are immigrants who came here in 91/92 to flee a war in our home country. For a long time I have been very proud to be a citizen of this country but at the moment I am bit anxious, a bit unsure as to whether I feel safe and who in the streets would tell me to leave if they knew where I was born. I’m very lucky to have the privilege that I do in being white and having an English accent, so I try and use these traits to speak for people who cannot speak for themselves in this country and this language and who have been and will be scapegoated and picked on in this country in the future. I feel lucky to live in Liverpool which is such an accepting and friendly place. I am trying to be positive and hopeful and remain outspoken on issues which affect other people who come to this country as refugees and immigrants such as myself but for now please just have patience and let me heal¬† and please enjoy these photos of a lovely day at the Tate Liverpool.

This was four days after the vote, it was mine and my boyfriends 1 year anniversary so we decided not to let it get us down and try to enjoy some lovely art instead. We visited the Francis Bacon exhibit with Maria Lassnig. I really enjoyed Lassnig’s video art and her series of paintings where bodily forms combine with household objects and kitchen appliances expresses a feeling that I think every woman can relate to. The part I actually enjoyed the most was her incredibly fun and lighthearted video art. I applied to put some video art in an exhibition lately so this has inspired me even more and given me some real vigour to make the piece!

WordPress won’t let me embed video right now so here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX-5oEHwZE0


I decided to include this photo of me smiling because photos of me smiling are incredibly rare; I am super self conscious about my teeth but actually this isn’t a bad picture so I’ll let it pass. Mostly because I did really different eyeliner to my usual style and I was proud of it so I wanted to share it. I thought it went really nicely with the dress! The dress is also not my usual style, it’s a loose Sonia Rykiel t-shirt dress which I bought recently; I really love the little green woven stripes over the print stripes. The texture is really nice. Did you notice I got new glasses too? One of my colleagues at work said they make me look like a friendly owl and I will absolutely take that compliment.

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