Doing ALL the things!

Yesterday I filmed my first YouTube video! Here’s the first draft of the custom thumbnail I’m planning to use for it, the text was actually too small on it so I’m changing it for the final thing. I actually am really interested in academic fashion videos and making actual good, maybe even educational content, but I thought for a first video I would just get into the swing of things and film something easy to make!

That photoshoot I did earlier in the week really helped when I was turning my bedroom into a studio yesterday! I could really do with some professional lighting, or at least something better than my little pixar lamp for the days where I’m not so lucky to have good sunlight on my side. Tomorrow I’ll be editing and if I can doing a tiny little bit of animation to make the video look real nice. I don’t really know what I’ll do for a title slide, I’m not an amazing graphic designer but all I can do is try.

Here’s another little teaser shot of one of the items I reviewed! It’s a fancy as heck hat from Surface Spell. In truth I wasn’t perfectly happy with this particular hat, but you’ll have to wait for the video to see why….

As for what I’ve been up to today, I was at my auntie’s house learning to sew. I’ve always been interested in clothes, as we well know by now, so I decided it was finally time to learn. I’m really lucky to have my auntie with me because she’s been sewing since the 70s if not before so I’m definitely in good hands.

I traced the patterns from my sewing bee book onto baking paper because I was really excited and couldn’t wait for an order of technical paper, isn’t that awful? But definitely a good solution if you’re not able to buy the right kind of paper, or live somewhere remote maybe, or have some kind of last minute pattern cutting emergency.

My auntie recently inherited a sewing table from a friend of hers that came with this really useful card for cutting patterns. It has measurements on it and a grid so you can make sure everything is nice and straight. The blouse we’re making is a 1930’s style blouse from the first Great British Sewing Bee book and we’ve decided to make it out of a white crepe de chine fabric. I wanted to make it white because I wanted it to do with my sailor skirt from Metamorphose and so some nice ribbon detailing around the edges. In retrospect this was probably not a great choice for a first project. The pattern itself has some complex elements, darts and shirring and a placket for example. So, again, very grateful for my auntie’s knowledge and experience.

The combination of crepe de chine and baking paper is also not fantastic because they are both naturally very slippy but again, hindsight is 20-20. They have used a patterned fabric in the book, which is definitely advantageous to a beginner who might put the wrong sides together. We’ve been following the instructions very carefully and we’ve managed not to mess it up so far… I will keep you up to date with our progress and how the final blouse turns out. If I knew any photographers it would be really cool to take my little sailor outfit to the Albert Dock and take some lovely dynamic photos but alas, I don’t.

Tomorrow I will be editing the video I took yesterday, so hopefully I’ll have a nice post where I can link you to my video!! Staaaaay tuned!

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