Den Bosch and Amsterdam and Quiet and Red

Collarbone - red - Amsterdam Photography

Somehow my trip to Den Bosch and Amsterdam ended up being very quiet and peaceful. Looking back at my photos I notice a lovely thread of red going through them. I would even go as far as to call it a photo story.

Stood next to a red brick wall in amsterdram

This photo was taken in a very wide, quiet, bright side road where the occasional person who walked past looked at me like I was the strangest woman they had ever seen. I love how tiny and shy I look in this photo. It was worth running back and forth a few times to get.

Wall with sculpture - Amsterdam Photography

Our apartment in Den Bosch was surrounded by water. I felt very happy there, as I like to be around a lot of water.

Den Bosch Statue - Amsterdam Photography - Nadina O

I liked the amount of small pieces of artwork around. The two above were just on the side of the building we were staying in.

Step - Amsterdam Photography

Red circular sign in dutch

Curved sign reading binnendieze

I challenged myself to just use one lens to take these pictures, but it was my favourite lens so I didn’t mind too much using it. I get a great sense of peace and relaxation from these photos. Red is my favourite colour, and there were so many details I could focus on with so much negative space around them. It makes me feel very serene.

Red motorcycle side mirror reflecting trees

large brass tree branch on door

I’m a bit of a wanderer. I like to just walk and go down a road and see where it goes. These two photos were taken by the river, the first one we saw when we came to Den Bosch. We actually came on the anniversary celebrations for Hieronymus Bosch, but sadly we missed all the celebrations. I actually had the biggest cheese sandwich I’ve ever eaten in my life at a restaurant nearby – which I did not manage to finish. I remember the taste really clearly, it was cheese and mustard and a fig chutney. Delicious.

A red door on a clean, white wall.

This door was on the side of a vintage shop in a small shopping street in Den Bosch.

A clog with one dollar stuffed into it

The train sign for Amsterdam Central

I went on the trip with work, and we spent one night in den Bosch and two nights in Amsterdam. We got a shuttle to a hotel and above the door there was a clog with a dollar in it. I never got to ask the driver what the story was, because the shuttle was too busy.

A bike covered in flowers leaned against a window with are we connected written on it

The above is from Jordaan in Amsterdam. It’s probably one of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken.

The area was so artistic and there were a lot of interested little design-led clothing and home ware shops. I felt very at home, having a lovely Saturday morning stroll with a cup of lemonade in hand.

Handsome man stood outside deli

I disobeyed my own strict rules on consent and took a photo of this handsome guy stood casually outside this deli. You cant see it, but hanging above is a chandelier.

River Amsterdam - a house boat is covered in flowers and has a small picture of a house hanging from a sign

A boat floating in the water

Nadina O stood in front of the river

My work colleague took this picture of me. I took one of him too. We both really enjoyed the city.

We must have walked for miles exploring. He loves to eat, so we had plenty of good food too. Neither of us like touristy food places, him more so than me I think.  We had pinchos in a small diner somewhere in Jordaan on that day. I remember I ate a piece of aubergine with some cheese on top and some other things I can’t remember. I do remember that it was delicious.

We ate plenty of chips and garlic mayonnaise too. You can’t shy away from local faves.

A man walking into a mysterious looking shop

Jordaan is kind of mixed with shops and housing, so I wasn’t entirely sure whether I should go into this building. Was it a shop, was it a house? I didn’t know, but the door was half broken and vaguely clinging on at the bottom.

There was a small birdhouse that no birds could get into hanging outside, and a metallic painted coat in the window. Whatever this place was, it was certainly too cool for me.

The sign for mirakelbrug bridge, with a small boat passing by.

Once again, I had an email from Liverpool John Lennon Airport asking me nicely to mention them.

I’ve not been paid to produce this post or sell Amsterdam. I just wanted to take some nice photos during my trip, which I enjoyed immensely. I’d love to go back sometime.

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