Christmas on the Coast

Our latest meet was organised by one of the youngest and newest members of the community. I’m really glad because it was actually very close to my house! Usually I travel to Manchester or into Chester, but Southport is really close to me.

I wore this outfit with red Vivienne Westwood three strap heels in red for a look I call “winter berries” despite there only really being 1 pair of Syrup cherries involved. Mostly I just wanted to wear my new red beret, oops. My makeup for the day was actually the photo I posted for my merry Christmas post. Lately I’ve been on a mad bender for skincare masks! I have a routine for my haircare and do generally attempt to make it look decent so I thought it would be time to put more effort into my skin too. I’d like to thank a Masque bar charcoal mask, Nip and Fab Glycolic fix mask and viper venom night cream for my lovely skin on this meet.

Our first stop was Mad Hatters Tea Pot in Ainsdale. We had afternoon tea which was very tasty, but I felt a bit gutted because I paid for sandwiches, tea and scones and they didn’t have a gluten free scone so we just had sandwiches and cake. I think maybe there was more cake instead? The best cake was the lime and coconut. I wasn’t really a fan of the raw cookie dough or the dark chocolate coconut slice, though. Everyone’s outfits were really cute, there was a lot of sweet styles out today; lots of pinks and lavender.I guess it makes a nice contrast when I’m always in black, black, black.

I was so happy to have Ruth home from uni and to spend time with Mo on her birthday. It was also really nice some of our regular friends and meet new girls too. I like that we have a lot of unique styles and influences coming into our community new. This cute sweet shop was in the shopping arcades in Southport. Everywhere was decorated beautifully and it was really nice to see small, local shops doing well.

 Then we took some photos over by the tree. These cute pink looks were my favourite against the festive background. Mo is also wearing “my advent calendar” by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, so it’s very appropriate.

Most importantly – selfies! While we were taking them, we noticed some women inside a furniture shop were staring at us. Nothing new, so we ignored them, but eventually they came out and made a pretty strange request. They asked us to come in so they could take a picture of us for their company Christmas card!? We said yes, but it’s definitely the strangest request we’ve had so far!

Sadly, the photo they took on my camera was blurry. This was the last meet for this year and I was really glad we could end the year in such a lovely way. Stay tuned for some fun retrospective posts as is customary towards the end of December!

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  1. This was a really nice post, I'm glad you had a nice time! It was fun arranging it, even if I was a bit nervous, so I might want to do it again in the future. 🙂
    The photos are lovely! Everyone looked great.

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