Employability and Lolita – An interview with Holly Bell

When I started this blog, it was because I’d lost my job. I knew that I needed a plan, and I want to talk more sometime about what my personal plan was, but for now all you need to know is that IT WORKED and I USED LOLITA TO GET MY CURRENT JOB. I’m back in employment, in my industry, in a job I really wanted and I’m even paid more than my last job. Being a fashion blogger really paid off!

Here’s an outfit I wore to my NEW JOB!¬†

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Hosting a Great Lolita (or general) Meetup!

I’m one of the admins/moderators for my area of the UK Lolita fashion community, so I get a lot of questions about Lolita fashion all the time. I know there’s lots of amazing, in depth resources out there,so over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a few requested posts, compiling a bunch of resources and food for thought in general about Lolita fashion that new members can learn from, and more experienced members can hopefully enjoy.

Today’s topic is: Hosting a Lolita Meet. (But it could be applied to any hobby meetup) This was a requested post, since many girls are new and want to host meets, but feel a bit shy about doing so.

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Outfit Building Tips for Lolita Fashion


Last week I saw Angelic Pretty’s British Bear special set for the first time and thought “wow, that’s an ugly dress.” I think the combination of bright yellow, wine red, navy blue, tartan, ribbon and bears in those proportions is a visual assault. The yellow is particularly offensive, and reminds me of really cheap American mustard or squeeze cheese. You don’t really want to think of condiments when your aims are cuteness and elegance.

However, as a hardcore fan of metamorphose and a general worshipper at the altar of ugliness I have a little soft spot for the dress and set about to make myself immune to it’s eye-burning qualities by putting together a cute outfit around it. My original aim was to integrate the yellow, but as you can see that didn’t happen. I went for just j-fashion brand items for this little self imposed challenge, but you could totally do this with high Street clothes and a few lolita specific items. I’m going to refer to this ugly dress throughout, so bear it in mind. Get it, BEAR it in mind?!

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