So, how much is Cats Tea Party actually worth?


Kawaii Data no Monogatari

How much is Cats Tea Party worth? Why is it so expensive? This question has plagued people in kawaii fashion circles for many years. By which I mean, since approximately 2014. So three years.

It’s bothered me for a while too, so I decided to finally, definitively find out using the only tools I had available to me; crowdsourced data, some spreadsheets and a recently acquired knack for data visualisation.

The result is this.

Sales values of Angelic Pretty Cats Tea Party since 2012 (separated by colour)

cats tea party scatter graph

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Outfit post – cut cloth 

A few weeks ago I went to see an exhibition of feminist embroidery at the Portico library in Manchester. Since it was am exhibition, I decided to wear an art themed, rococo inspired coord. Well, never have I seen myself so accurately depicted in the medium of embroidery, check it out.

Embroidery of a woman taking a selfie

Fantastic, right?

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“GLP” – A Lolita Community Project Proposal

About a week ago I smashed out a blog post about the closure of the Gothic Lolita Bible. I say ‘smashed out’ because I sat at my computer as soon as I got home and furiously typed that post, knowing how rare of a moment it was that my two great passions – Japanese street fashion and content production – would cross over in such a way that I would be able to analyse and make comment. As Laganja Estranja might say; THIS WAS MY MOMENT.

drag queen laganja estranja - this was my moment gif

In the post I provided suggestions for how the GLB might move forward, and since I said it all, I should probably do something about it rather than sitting on my soapbox and telling everyone else what to do. Doing nothing makes me part of the problem, and I’m not really about that life. So, as a follow up I’d like to try and engage people in a community project to bring the GLB into a community run digital project. If it fails, then it fails, but I thought I should at the very least make an attempt. Continue reading

Where in the World is Nadina O?

Now that I’ve transferred all my posts over I can start giving you all fresh content again! At some point, I’m going to have to do the boring job of fixing all the pictures, but it’s been too long since we had an update so let’s have one.

The past couple of months have been exceptionally busy; I’ve been traveling a lot with work, everyone I know has had loads of drama, I’ve had 10,000 things to do in general so not much posting has been happening. I’m really sorry about that. This blog is usually something I do to chill out but I haven’t had the energy at all lately. Anyway.

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Keepin’ it 100! (I went to see the Vogue 100)

Did you enjoy my RuPaul reference just then? I did.

Last weekend I went down to London, coincidentally but maybe not coincidentally on the same day that the new dover street market opened. But also because I wanted to see the Vogue 100. My boyf wanted to go Tate Britain and see Tracy Emin’s bed so we went to the Tate Britain too, and I’m really glad we did because the artwork above “The Bank Fax-Back service” is my favourite piece of art that I have seen in a long time! The artwork is a selection of press releases that have been sent back to their writers with teacher-style comments all around them. It’s exactly my level of humour and I think it’s brilliant. I also have my own interns in my new position and I have to remind myself to leave better notes for them than I do for my own work. (Instead of “make this less shit” remember to write “rephrase this to improve the flow”)

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