Boomerangs Visual Identity Design and Development

“Boomerangs” was used by Tech North to describe people from the North who went to London to look for work, but then came back to the North seeking a better quality of life. They needed a visual identity for this series of editorial content.

boomerangs moodboard

I started by thinking of the flight paths and designs of boomerangs and developed an initial idea based on the idea of a flight path. I created the font by hand and added the tagline and surrounding arrows to cement this feeling of movement and return.

However, we then moved to an approach using the company font. Initially since it was an editorial piece they didn’t feel the need to use their existing brand font, but the scope changed so I brought this design more in line with their other assets.

The final logo was created by keeping this flight path idea and editing their Sophia font. The green was also chosen as a closer value to complement the company colours.

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