Best Fashion Moments of the Year!

I am constantly talking about how this year has flown because frankly it has. It’s been filled with ups and downs, a whole lot of downs and some very lovely ups. Who knows what next year will bring, but for now I’d like to look back on some of the good parts of this year – the fashion side of it at least. Here’s my five favourite looks of the year!

// love this look for a number of reasons; it’s quirky, it’s fun, it’s a little bit old school, it’s a bit costumey but mostly it was really creative and generally fun to wear. I spent the night before this meet gluing pearls, which I broke off a cheap necklace, onto bobby pins. Most of them broke off at the end of the day, but until then I had some really cool hair. It also reminds me a lot of Miwako from the manga Parakiss, and looking like a manga character is definitely something I’m down for because it’s just really fun.

Sometimes, when I can’t be bothered to tell people about lolita, I just tell them I wear a lot of historical, princess inspired garments. This year I bought a bonnet and even though I’ve learned that you really need a very long neck to pull them off, I still really like how it looks! This was the meet where we went to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at Chester Cathedral and people kept asking us questions about the exhibits because they thought we were part of the show!

I’m putting both of these looks together because the dress is just it’s own master, and they’re not too dissimilar from each other. This dress was a fun birthday gift from me to me and I always get compliments whenever I wear it. I think the colour, theme and detailing is so unique that it stands out even though it’s grey! I also really like how I was able to style it out for a fancy occasion and a more casual occasion.

Did you think they’d all be lolita looks? Nah! How can you turn down a look that has cat socks, silver sandals and a hole t-shirt please?! Lolita gives me a lot of inspiration because I work best within strict limits; you have to assemble your outfit around a particular theme with colours that all go together in proportional distribution around the outfit. This look was just a matter of black and silver and I also really wanted to wear my cat socks. This was right before I had my first haircut in over a year! I am so precious about my hair because surprisingly, not a lot of people really understand how to cut curly hair…However, my hairdresser right now also has curly hair so he gets my deal and I will probably have more regular trims now.

A photo posted by Nadina Osmani (@dindin_din_din) on Jun 10, 2015 at 4:20pm PDT

// My last look is a first date look, I haven’t had an exciting first date like this one for many years… I bought a new dress and put a rose in my hair; I was so nervous! It was the best first date of my life, so this outfit is always going to hold special memories – even if the dress is too big for me now. It’s lead to an amazing relationship that’s currently lasted just over 6 months. We’re still in the honeymoon period, but it’s been the provider of many of my ups over this past year!

I have some style goals for next year. Since I’ve lost so much weight, I’d really like to get a lot of my favourite pieces tailored so that they fit me perfectly again. I’d also really like to put as much effort and co-ordination into my “normal clothing” wardrobe as I do with my lolita clothes. My plan is to sit and asses my wardrobe and slowly buy up pieces over time that I can co-ordinate flexibly with various items. I guess I’m sort of trying to build a capsule wardrobe? My goal for next year in general is to get back into full time work! Currently I’ve been working part time over the Christmas season in retail, but I’ve just totally re-done my CV and I’m hitting the job search even harder in January, wish me luck!

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