Being your own everything is really hard!

That title turned out way more philosophical than I meant it to, but I suppose it applies to life as well as photo shoots, which is what I was actually talking about. Though, as a life tip while we’re here; being your own everything is very hard, sometimes you need to reach out to others for support and other times you just need to rely on your own strength and both of these solutions are just fine.

Today I gained a new appreciation for the work of Cindy Sherman! I did everything for this photo, which is why everything is probably not as good as it could be with teamwork, but I really enjoyed the challenge! If you’re interested to know about the process, have a read on through.

On Sunday I did a make up test which I’ve never ever done before! I have also never done such big eye make up before. I normally do a big wings on my liner, but I’ve never done all the way around. I’ve been watching a lot of drag queen tutorials on YouTube to try and get the look right for this shoot, because I’ve wanted to do it for a little while. You can see I tried to create a bigger crease on my eyes, I don’t know whether I really succeeded to be honest, but I think it’s because I have too much brow to do anything really extreme below it. Today I applied what I learned in my little Sunday afternoon test, and I’m happy enough with the results. It was really fun to try out a totally new look.

Also, whenever I apply any dark liner I always feel like I look like a piece by Yoshitaka Amano, what do you think?

That profile facing photo is actually of me operating my camera from my phone! I downloaded the Canon EOS Remote app and it was a little bit tricky but really fun to use. I don’t think I have it totally figured out just yet, for example I need to figure out if you can do anything crazy like adjust the focus from the phone.

Next, I had to turn the dining room of my parent’s house into a studio. This involved putting a blanket up over half of the blinds to give the room a little bit more mood lighting. The blanket was also kind of orange coloured so it added a nice warm light, which is why you see a kind of red/blue look to the pictures. The other half of the blinds were turned to direct the light, which is why it’s so nicely shady on one side of my face. I also piled a pixar lamp (you know the one I mean) on top of about 6 thick dictionaries for a little bit of extra brightness and then tied greaseproof paper around it to diffuse the light a little bit. I always really love it when you see articles about photographers or artists who create amazing works on a shoestring budget so it was really fun to try it out myself. My camera was also on a tripod and delicately balanced on three dining room chairs, if my parents had been home they would not have let that fly.

Modelling and setting up the camera just right for all the shots was also really challenging. I was stepping back and forth trying to get the focus just right and get myself looking right in the lens too. I’m not camera shy at all, but it’s tough to get my face looking just how I want it sometimes. I definitely have a new appreciation for Cindy Sherman’s work after today, the whole process of it. I must have taken over a hundred photos in the end, hopefully I can get two or three final images out of my day’s work.

The actual reason for the shoot was to capture an image of the rosettes that I made! They are made from 28 individually sewn loops of ribbon (42 if you count the gold ribbon on its own) and two tails on to which a custom designed embroidered patch is mounted. The back is structured with craft foam and a clip/brooch attachment. Currently there are only five in the world and I probably won’t make this style or size again. The theme of the patch is based on a meme/joke around cyber bullying that I will explain in detail at a later date. The style of the make up and poses I chose were based around this elitist bitch character, so hopefully it all comes across and works to convey that character as well as showing off my rosette.

Tomorrow my taobao order is going to arrive so I’m going to do my first review/unboxing video. After the challenge of today I feel really excited to do more and more and really improve my skills as a photographer and videographer. It was quite a mental challenge too because I couldn’t wear my glasses the whole time out of worry for smudging the make up, so I was struggling to see at some points and battling with a lazy eye in the pictures. I would say overall everything took me about five or six hours including clean up. When I finally cleaned up at about three o’clock I realised that I’d not eaten anything since about eight in the morning and my stomach was roaring, so I guess I must have been really enjoying myself to forget about anything else at all. I’ll probably post late tomorrow if at all, wish me luck with my filming!

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