“GLP” – A Lolita Community Project Proposal

About a week ago I smashed out a blog post about the closure of the Gothic Lolita Bible. I say ‘smashed out’ because I sat at my computer as soon as I got home and furiously typed that post, knowing how rare of a moment it was that my two great passions – Japanese street fashion and content production – would cross over in such a way that I would be able to analyse and make comment. As Laganja Estranja might say; THIS WAS MY MOMENT.

drag queen laganja estranja - this was my moment gif

In the post I provided suggestions for how the GLB might move forward, and since I said it all, I should probably do something about it rather than sitting on my soapbox and telling everyone else what to do. Doing nothing makes me part of the problem, and I’m not really about that life. So, as a follow up I’d like to try and engage people in a community project to bring the GLB into a community run digital project. If it fails, then it fails, but I thought I should at the very least make an attempt. Continue reading

My first Enchantilic Enchantilly dress – Queen Cat!

I ordered my first dress from Enchantilic Enchantilly and it arrived today! What surprised me the most was the sheer level of attention to detail in the packaging, as well as the garment itself. I should say, this is not a product review and more an appreciation a really beautifully packaged garment.

Inside the box

Inside the Enchantilic Enchantilly box

The box came with a beautiful A3 poster, pictured top right, on top of the order. There was also a small, sealed brown envelope containing TEN postcards! The dress was packed inside this branded draw string bag and came with a non-slip hanger. The small A4 poster representing the series came in plastic, as did the dress, and both were sealed with branded stickers.

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