Hosting a Great Lolita (or general) Meetup!

I’m one of the admins/moderators for my area of the UK Lolita fashion community, so I get a lot of questions about Lolita fashion all the time. I know there’s lots of amazing, in depth resources out there,so over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a few requested posts, compiling a bunch of resources and food for thought in general about Lolita fashion that new members can learn from, and more experienced members can hopefully enjoy.

Today’s topic is: Hosting a Lolita Meet. (But it could be applied to any hobby meetup) This was a requested post, since many girls are new and want to host meets, but feel a bit shy about doing so.

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Outfit Post: Lolita Fashion Show at The Atkinson Gallery

Despite being incredibly ill over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to drag myself out of bed enough days to plan a whole fashion show and display. It took place at The Atkinson Gallery on the Saturday that has just passed and I’m still feeling really surreal about it. I almost can’t believe it happened even though I planned the thing and also I was there?

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